Combs has plenty of room to grow

When I received my Day 1 Marshal Pairing last night which revealed I’d be spending the day with Keith Combs, I had visions of spending the day watching him hurl a Strike King 6XD all over the Tennessee River fishery.

To that point, we’ve been in the boat together a shade over four hours and I just saw the crankbait for the first time today.

Combs has four fish in his Ranger livewells that go just shy of eight pounds. He’s caught those four, along with a number of shorts, on a Strike King Thunder Cricket and he keeps mixing in a jerkbait presentation in an effort to, “keep’em honest,” as Combs put it.

The Shimano Seaguar Pro from the Lone Star State has been running a series of shallow water humps so far today which yielded him marginal results in practice.

“I caught 13 to 16 pounds each day in practice,” admits Combs. “That should be enough here this week to get paid, but this has been even tougher than I expected so far today.”

Not sure how much longer Combs plans to give the hump thing a go but he has indicated he’s headed up to fish docks here soon. At any rate, Combs has plenty of room to grow if he can collide with the right Guntersville fish.