Combs' early bite

Keith Combs

Yesterday Keith Combs said he is already dialed into a productive morning bite, the likes of which the was catching 20 pounds or so during practice. It's too early to know if today bodes well for that pattern bur he exuded with great confidence what he expects from the pattern. 

“This morning (yesterday) I picked up four pretty quick and the cloud cover was key,” he said. “It’x a good pattern that will only get better."

Combs gets his wish again today with the clouds expected to hang around all morning before the sun breaks this afternoon. 

“I also picked up on a finesse pattern that I can switch to later in the day,” he added.

That pattern comes with a hitch. Finesse fish on a shaky head must be played out before landing. Twice Combs found that out the hard way, once on Thursday and again yesterday afternoon in the final minutes. 

“I lost a giant, had her played out and the nearer the surface she came the bigger she got.” 

Combs guesses the fish that simply spit out the bait weighed in the neighborhood of 6 pounds.

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