Combs continues the grind

“I just knew I was coming here to throw a crankbait,” snapped Keith Combs as he flipped at another dock with his jig. The Elite Series Pro from Texas admits that he came to Scottsboro with a game plan this week expecting the bass to be setting up on the offshore ledges and that hasn’t materialized so far for the Ranger Yamaha Pro.

Another frustration Combs is experiencing is the realization that, following this event at Guntersville, the bass fishing millionaire will park his Toyota Tundra at his Texas home until July when the Elite Series heads north.

Combs failed to make the Classic in his home state of Texas finishing one spot out of the Classic Cut in 2020. “I’ll never get the opportunity to fish a Classic in my home state in the month of June again, and instead, I’m going to have to work the Expo with 10,000 people asking my why I’m not fishing.”

Combs continues to grind today. He’s got a limit of bass that go somewhere in the neighborhood of 10 pounds but did have one fish expire; therefore, he won’t be able to cull that fish out. Combs is fishing a jig around docks in search of a big bite that would certainly change the course of his day and perhaps, his weekend.