Clunn's coming and going spot

On Bassmaster Live, Rick Clunn described his two productive areas as "coming to" and "coming from" spots. 

That explains why he says, historically, those areas are only good for 3 or 4 good bites that can bring a limit near the 20-pound mark. 

The "coming to" spot is an early bite, accoording to Clunn. Those are largemouth coming from deep water to spawn near the shoreline. That's why we watched him using a trusty topwater popper along the boat docks during this morning's coverage. The reaction bite is key under such conditions. 

From the shallow area, and after they have spawned, those bass transition to the "coming from" area. It's in deeper water and functions as a rest area or sorts for hungry bass migrating back into deeper water for the summer. That's why Clunn switches to a crankbait for the deeper water. 

"I'm going to make the cut but not win the tournament on this spot," he said of the shallow area. "That's why you've got to have the two areas working together."

Right now, neither spot is producing. Clunn has confidence in both areas and especially the deeper spot. He knows it can turn on at any moment when one or two quality female largemouth move across the trainsitional staging area. 

When you've found success in the same area since discovering it in 1974 that stands to reason why Clunn is staying put. 

At least for now. He's dropped to 21st place in the standings. 

For a "coming to" and "coming from" spot timing is everything. Clunn hopes that bass will show up at either spot. 

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