Clouse exemplifies the “Big Dreams” slogan

Getting to our Day 1 leader Gary Clouse this morning was quite the journey.

Darrell Pons, Steve Bowman and I trailered our boat for 45 minutes and then traveled by water for an hour through several idle zones. For Clouse it was a two hour boat ride.

When we found the third year Elite he was fishing all by himself in some seriously skinny waters. “One foot of water with two feet of mud,” said Clouse.

The veteran angler has been fishing Bassmaster tournaments since 1981. St. Johns 2021 marks his 100th  Bassmaster tournament.

As the founder and president of Phoenix Boats Clouse could pursue, and afford, just about any dream he wants.

But Clouse’s dream is to fish the Bassmaster Classic. In 30 years of fishing Bassmaster tournaments he has yet to cross that stage.

Talk about persistence.

Clouse led the Day 1 field with 25-12. Could this be the year he makes the Big Show?