Chris Zaldain in a big fish flurry

Chris Zaldain had a big fish flurry late in the day yesterday. We’ve been waiting on that for quite some time. 

The last 20 minutes he’s been in a flurry. Catching a fish on virtually every cast. But none have been much over 2 pounds. 

The sun continues to get brighter and Zaldain keeps plugging but the clock continues to chip away as well. 

He has less than 45 minutes of fishing. 

Check in is 5 pm. And it will take 1 hour, 15 minutes to get back. It could take longer with the increased boat traffic. 

The thing is it takes so long to catch these fish. Several minutes for any fish that can help him. 

I keep remembering the Elite on Guntersville when Zaldain has a late flurry and was probably 5 extra minutes from having enough time to win there.