Cherry hits his mark - again

Hank Cherry said early during the first day of competition that 25 pounds was his daily goal and 17 pounds was his minimum. It took him all day to do it, but he 47-year-old North Carolina pro hit his minimum mark again today, after weighing 20-5 on Day 1. Cherry culled with a 3-pounder at 2:38 to give him 17-12, according to BassTrakk. It appears the defending Bassmaster Classic champion will go into Sunday’s final as the tournament leader by about 5 pounds. He had a 4-pound, 13-ounce lead going into the final day at Lake Guntersville a year ago.

It was a tough day for everyone after the two-hour delayed start due to the thunderstorm that rolled across Lake Ray Roberts this morning. Only 14 of the 54 anglers caught a 5-bass limit, according to BassTrakk, after 32 weighed limits on Day 1. I can’t help but recall what Cherry told me in the Omni Hotel lobby before this tournament began: “I’m in the best state of mind and physical condition I could possibly be in.” It’s showing.