Cherokee continues its finicky ways

As has been emphasized all week, Cherokee Lake has a well-earned reputation for being the place where consistency goes to die. We’ve seen vivid examples all three days.

Four anglers in the Day 1 top 12 fell out on Day 2, and they dropped like rocks: Cliff Crochet, from 1st to 44th; Jordon Lee, from 7th to 35th; Brent Ehrler, from 9th to 68th; and Mark Davis, from 11th to 40th.

Three more fell out of the top 12 on the all-important Day 3, and fell hard: Skylar Hamilton, from 8th to 22nd; Brian Snowden, from 10th to 29th; and Marty Robinson, from 11th to 38th. Those rising into the top 12 yesterday included: Mike Iaconelli, from 21st to 6th; Paul Mueller, from 27th to 10th; and Matt Herren, from 16th to 11th.

Over the last three days, no one pulled his fingers from the flames like Terry Scroggins, who was 83rd on Day 1, 50th on Day 2 and finished 32nd.

Here’s a look at those who made the highest jumps and sharpest falls in the standings from Day 2 to Day 3 in the Bassmaster Elite at Cherokee Lake:

+24 – Alton Jones Jr., 49th to 25th
+21 – Boyd Duckett, 41st to 20th
+19 – Jordan Lee, 35th to 16th
+18 – Terry Scroggins, 50th to 32nd
+17 – Paul Mueller, 27th to 10th
+15 – Mike Iaconelli, 21st to 6th
+15  – Jason Christie, 29th to 14th 

­­–27 –Marty Robinson, 11th to 38th
–25 – Greg Hackney, 22th to 47th
–23 – Paul Elias, 26th to 49th
–23 – Dustin Connell, 14th to 37th
–17 – Andy Montgomery, 25th to 42nd
–17 – Kelley Jaye, 34th to 51st
–16 – Clifford Pirch, 30th to 46th