Chasing a good fish

While Stetson Blaylock has been scratching and clawing and barely hanging on, Scott Canterbury has evidently taken the lead in this event by about 3 pounds, landing a 6-pounder. 

At the same time I was looking at that a fish that I would guess as heavy 4 or light 5 came up to the surface and started chasing a Shad in front of Blaylock. 

Like any angler would do, he threw everything down and started casting to it. The fish didn’t get interested in Blaylock’s Pop R, but it did seem to energize him a bit. 

There are still good fish in this pond. And he has one fish to give toward his limit. 

He has no idea how close he is. I assume he thinks he’s getting pounded. A good bite, though, would change everything.