Champlain vs. St. Lawrence

There were 20 bags over 20 pounds on Day 1 last week in the Elite Series event on the St. Lawrence River. There were three yesterday on Day 1 at Lake Champlain. But don’t be deceived by that fact. A closer comparison of these two northern New York waters indicates they fished remarkably the same on the first day.

St. Lawrence Champlain
Total bass weighed-in 537 539
Total weight 1,855-1 1,732-12
Average weight per bass 3.45 lbs. 3.21 lbs.
Big bass 6-1 6-1
Limits caught 105 107
Bags of 20 lbs. or more 20 3
Bags of 18 lbs. or more 50 50
Bags of 14 lbs. or more 91 88
Bags of 12 lbs. or more 99 105

The quality of the largemouth fishery in Lake Champlain helps it keep pace with the world-class smallmouth bass fishery that is the St. Lawrence River. Kevin VanDam’s Day 1 big bass at the St. Lawrence was a 6-1 smallmouth; Todd Faircloth’s big bass yesterday here was a 6-1 largemouth.