Century Club, a look back

Now that Brandon Cobb has passed the Century mark with 109-1, let's take a look back at this coveted award.

The last time Century Belts were awarded was 6 years ago at Falcon Lake on the Texas, Mexico border. That Elite Series tournament in 2013 saw three entries into the Century Club-- Keith Combs with 111-5, Rick Clunn with 105-6, and John Crews with 103-13.

The Century Belt was conceived by former Bassmaster emcee Keith Allen, and first handed out in 2006 to Fred Roumbanis for 101-13 at Lake Amistad (TX). Prior to that Dean Rojas had 108-12 at Kissimmee Chain (FL), but the belts weren't handed out at that point.

There are just 40 instances of Bassmaster Century marks, by 29 different anglers; Cobb will be 41, and Micah Frazier still has a shot today. His total weight is 96-12 with about four hours of fishing left in the day.

Very few anglers have won more than one Century Belt. Steve Kennedy has three-- at Clear Lake (CA) in 2007 with 122-14, at Lake Amistad (TX) in 2007 with 101-10, and at Santee Cooper (SC) in 2006 with 104-2.

Lake Fork marks only the eight lake where Century Belts have been won. They include: Falcon Lake (TX), Okeechobee (FL), Guntersville (AL), Clear Lake (CA), Amistad (TX), Santee Cooper (SC) and Kissimmee Chain (FL).

You may notice that all of those fisheries are in warm-weather states where bass have a long season to grow.

Might we see more anglers join the Century Club when the Elite Series returns to Guntersville in June?

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