Card working the shad spawn

As soon as Brandon Card pulled up to his primary area this morning, he noticed a major shad spawn going on in his area. Rather than stopping deep on his point, he headed straight to the bank to try to capitalize on the obvious shad spawn.

Card has yet to boat a keeper early on this morning.

“There’s too many of them, it’s hard to trick,” said Card referring to the amount of shad.

Another thing that may not be in Card’s favor is the massive crowd following the hometown favorite Lee Livesay. How could Livesay’s crowd negatively affect Card? Well, Livesay is fishing well over a mile away from Card but every time Livesay boats a fish you can hear the crowd erupt.

“He must have caught another big one,” he said after the crowd erupted the second time.

Not an ideal start to Championship Sunday for Card, but it’s a long day and everyone is aware of how quickly it could turn around.