Canterbury cracking down

The final day of practice for the Bassmaster Classic allows anglers to expand on their preexisting game plan or even continue to try new things.

After catching up with Alabama’s Scott Canterbury, it’s evident that he’s using this shortened day of practice to find new areas to expand on.

“This is all new water for me,” Canterbury said when asked if this is an area he’d fished yet.

The 2019 Angler of the Year spent one day on Ray Roberts during pre-practice and did nothing but graph offshore structure.

“I was out here for 12 hours in pre-practice and never made a cast,” he said. “I even checked a lot of it in practice, but I just don’t think it’s happening out there.”

Right before Canterbury pulled the trolling motor up to head to a new spot he turned to us with a big grin and told us he just shook one off.