Blaylock just made this interesting

Stetson Blaylock just made things a lot more interesting. He just boated his limit fish. One that required him to hit the passenger seat and hand wrestle him in.

He marked that fish as 2 pounds. But it’s every bit 2 1/2 pounds as I scroll thru my camera and look at it.

I was already of the mind that he was 3/4 of a pound light on his four fish.

All that said, and assuming Canterbury’s weight is accurate, these guys are in a neck-and-neck race.

Canterbury has about 30 minutes left of fishing. Blaylock 2 hours to make up any deficit. And he does have a 1-pound squeaker in the box.

He’s getting ready to be in the driver’s seat if Canterbury or another Cooper River boy doesn’t latch into a big one.

One thing to note. Blaylock has left his pond. He idled our and around the corner, then stopped as it appeared there were several boats in the canal he was headed.

He turned around, swiveled his head in each direction, then idled to the first dock. That’s where the limit fish came from.

Last-minute, last-ditch decisions always play in these close events. At the moment it appears like a great choice.