Big move for Card

Brandon Card has made a big move by boating a 6-13, he culled out a 2-pound class fish and now has 73 pounds, 4 ounces. He’s just 12 ounces out of the lead with a total of 26-5 on the day and 73-4 for the event.

Now we have two Brandons occupying the first two spots.

Both have a target on that century mark. What’s more, Card’s fish really puts a punctuation point on the off-shore bite: It’s hot and just getting hotter.

When that happens, it ensures more big fish, more bites and an event that really gets interesting. The whole ebb and flow of the fishing on this lake has really flip-flopped today. It’s gone from shallow and a shad spawn to cranking in mid-to-deep structure and cover.

That could be a product of the warm, calm day or simply the timing of how things are taking place. While we expect some shallow fish to continue to get caught, it’s becoming even more apparent that this event is shaping up to be won off shore.