Big bite window closed for Hartman?

Here's the problem facing Jamie Hartman this afternoon: He needs a big fish to overtake John Murray and all his big bites have come in the morning this week.

"All the big fish are coming out of the same area, and I've been catching the big ones in the morning," Hartman said yesterday. His big bass Saturday of 6-5 was his first fish of the day. He had a 5 3/4 and a 5 1/2 on Day 2, and those came in the morning as well. 

Hartman's big bass today is a 5-4, which was also his first fish of the day. Then he added a 3-8. Since then everything has been 2 pounds or less. The good side of that for Hartman is he's got plenty of room to upgrade as he has a 2-pounder and a 1-12 in his livewell.