BASSTrakk madness

Everyone has heard about the deception of anglers when discussing the fish they catch. Likewise they all know the tricks of getting the fish as close to the camera as possible to make it look bigger.

It's what we do.

I spend all day trying to stay as far away from the angler and the fish as possible while trying to maintain a distance I can actually capture what is going on.

All that said, I mentioned in a previous blog I thought Hartman's BASSTrakk weight was a little light.

I based that on the first fish being a 5 1/4 pounder. That was Hartman's estimate. The next was a 3 1/2. Also fairly accurate.

That means he was closing in on 9 pounds with two fish. Add a 2 pounder and it's closing in on 11.

Add a fourth I didn't see, but make it 1 1/2 pounds. Now you are at 12 pounds and change. His fifth was in the 2-pound class. I actually think it was a few ounces more.

My math says 14 and change. I just asked Hartman what he thought he had. His answer was "13."

This is the madness of BASSTrakk and watching these fisherman. I'm wrong more than most. But I guarantee you he has somewhere between 13 and 15, which depending where that falls has all kinds of implications on how this event could turn out.