Attitude matters for Carson

Keith Carson, 2nd, 16-10

On Day 1, second-place pro Keith Carson said he caught fish from 12 feet to a foot and a half of water. Some, he said, were so shallow he could see them pushing a wake before they bit.

Good to have options, but Carson said it’s more a reflection of his open-minded attitude.

“You have to consider that this is December; there’s no pattern,” he said. “There isn’t a single angler out here that has a pattern, in my opinion.”

So what’s the key to managing an event that’s slim on consistency?

“You just go fishing and have fun and have a positive mindset,” Carson said. “if you’re not positive about what’s going to happen, I think you’re closing doors on the possibility of what’s out there.

“I’m just going out there and trying to smile as much as possible and just enjoy the day.”

It’s hard to argue with that logic. Seems to have worked well for Carson.