Another Big Bass appearance for Lowen

Bill Lowen has made another appearance in the Phoenix Boats Today’s Big Bass list.

He’s added another 4-12 and continues to climb. That’s notable for the AOY race than anything and if Lowen expects to make a late charge at that title, he needs one or more of those by the end of the day.

He’s got basically three 2-pounders in the box. Then two that are estimated at 4-12. All total he has about 16 pounds. That’s a good fishing day anywhere, but he will likely need more to fish tomorrow and work on gaining points.

He’s got a great start. But he also has a couple of fish he needs to cull.

Right now he’s in the top 20 of today’s unofficial BASSTrakk standings. That’s with 30 guys not reporting. It goes without saying that some of them are ahead of him.

But Lowen is making the right moves to stay viable in the AOY race.