And so it begins

This week marks my second Bassmaster Classic as a Marshal and my seventh Marshal trip over the years, not counting a couple rides as part of the media. It actually began Saturday after my trip to nearby Watts Bar where I added another month to my streak of at least catching one bass per month on a crankbait. Thanks to Jawjacker Baits that streak is now at 12 years and 3 months. On the way home, I circled through Knoxville and scouted out the route to the parking garage for the Marshals and boat yard. B.A.S.S. employees were there setting up the equipment.

They asked me for a little help measuring the parking area out with a bass rig hooked to a pickup truck and after that we did a test loop around the lower deck to see if pickup trucks would fit. As it turns out there is about a 4-inch grace on the advertised 6 foot, 6 inch limit.

Wednesday morning I got to ride in practice with Andy Montgomery. Andy is one I really wanted to ride with because he has a pretty similar hillbilly accent to my own and, as I found out when my friend rookie Elite angler Mike Huff showed up with a camera boat, Andy doesn’t care for Duke basketball either. Although I’m a Vol fan you can’t be from Kentucky and care anything about Duke, especially in March.