All 10 have a chance to win

It was just a week ago today when Rick Clunn began Day 4 on Florida’s St. Johns River in 8th place – 11 pounds, 13 ounces behind leader Chris Johnston. Clunn, of course, finished in first place last Sunday.

With that in mind, even 10th place looks within the realm of a winning formula today. Clent Davis of Montevallo, Ala., is only 6 pounds out of the lead in the 10th spot.

It takes a couple of big bass to make such a jump on the final day. Clunn had two 9-pounders in his Day 4 bag of 34-14 last Sunday. A 5-pounds-plus spotted bass at Lake Lanier would be the equivalent of a 9-pounds-plus largemouth at the St. Johns River. In the previous three days here, big bass honors have gone to Bill Lowen, with 6-14 largemouth on Day 1, Stetson Blaylock, with a 5-6 spotted bass on Day 2, and Brandon Card, with a 5-5 spotted bass on Day 3.