Time to stay calm

There’s a lot of uncertainty in our country right now, and in the fishing industry. No one knows what the future holds except that we’ll be fine at some point. That’s why I think it’s the time to stay calm. 

I’ve been using my free time to reorganize my tackle. You can do the same thing. It’ll make our fishing more efficient when life gets back to normal. There’s also no reason for any of us to have even one hook on our lures or in our boat that isn’t razor sharp. We have the time to sharpen each and every one of them. 

Another thing I might suggest — something I’m doing — is that you take a look at some of your old baits. Several models that were made out of plastic were once made out of wood. Maybe you have a few of them lying around. If so, clean them up, replace rusted hardware and hooks, then get ready to catch a boatload of bass with them. 

I’m also using this time to work on new lure designs and videos for my sponsors. Specifically, I’ve had several ideas for baits that I haven’t had as much time as I need to think about them and tweak the prototypes. Most of what I’m working on will ultimately be made by LurePartsOnline. There’s a lot that goes into a new bait. It takes time to think and to just mess around with one. This is the perfect time to do that. 

And, I’m putting together several new videos about tackle and techniques. Look for them to be posted around the internet in the near future. 

My point in going over all of this is that there’s no reason to get upset or to wring your hands in despair. There are things we can do to keep busy, things that matter and that will improve our bass fishing in the future. We just need to stay calm. It’ll all work out. 

I’ll say the same thing about our tournament schedule. I’d like to be catching big prespawn tournament bass as much as the next angler. But, in reality, given the recommendations we’re getting from the health professionals that just can’t happen. We — bass anglers — are no different from the rest of society. 

Besides, any concern about tournaments being rescheduled is misplaced. We have at least three months at the end of the year to fish all of them. And, to be completely honest about my feelings, a few fall tournaments won’t upset me one bit. I like to bass fish in the fall.

We need to stay calm. It’ll all work out. 

I will say, however, that some of the hoarding that’s going on is frustrating. I was at the store yesterday. Forget about toilet paper and hand sanitizer. The only hamburger I could find anywhere were preformed frozen patties. Fortunately I have a freezer full of deer meat that’s frozen solid as a rock in my Mammoth Coolers. Jennifer and I can make our own. 

I understand that some people have had their lives upended. But buying more than you need of things just keeps your neighbor from getting what he needs. It’s crazy. 

Maybe I should take my own advice: Stay calm.