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Bass Fishing Hall of Fame partners with Bass Fishing Archives

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – 03/15/21 – The Bass Fishing Hall of Fame has partnered with noted bass fishing historian and writer Terry Battisti, the creator of the Bass Fishing Archives (BFA), to publicize, enhance and build upon BFA’s existing trove of historical data, interviews and recollections. The Bass Fishing Archives website ( comprises the most detailed and comprehensive set of articles about bass fishing’s history, and this joint effort will further the Hall’s mission of celebrating, promoting and preserving the sport.

“Through years of diligent work, Terry has amassed an incredible selection of materials that cannot be found elsewhere under a single umbrella,” said Bass Fishing Hall of Fame President John Mazurkiewicz. “As our sport, and its participants, continue to age, it’s imperative that we work to preserve the memories that will otherwise be lost and not accessible to future generations of the sport of bass fishing.”

Battisti will have help from fellow writer Brian Waldman, as well as from Pete Robbins, Chair of the BFHOF Board’s Communications Committee, and the reinvigorated site will be directly accessible through the Hall’s website. Outgoing Board Member and longtime Bassmaster editor Dave Precht (also a 2011 BFHOF inductee) was critical in bringing the two entities together. “We hope that Dave will bring his firsthand knowledge into the mix along with our other inductees,” said Robbins. “Terry has already built a huge library of original material, and from the start he will be supplementing it will more articles and videos that will tell the story of bass fishing up to our current times.”  

 “As the project matures, the written content as well as never-before-seen photos and videos we’ll add consistently will make this a true multimedia effort,” said Battisti. “I’m thrilled that the Bass Fishing Hall of Fame sees the value in my project and efforts, and that this partnership adds to its mission in preserving the sport. It was born of my love for bass fishing and by having the Hall’s support I hope to leverage the contacts of the Board and its industry partners, along with my own, and elevate the content and website to the next level.”