It’s all good

The season is over for me. It could have been better, I suppose, but overall I can live with it. It’s a matter of the glass being half full as opposed to half empty. Besides, I’ve always said that I don’t bring my fishing home. It happens the way it happens, and letting it affect the rest of your life makes no sense. This is the only time I’m going to talk about it.  

I just got home from the 2021 Farmers Insurance Bassmaster Elite at St. Lawrence River. I finished in the 69th slot there. That’s hardly anything to write about, but I did have a wonderful time with the kids afterwards. We went smallmouth fishing — 10 straight days — on Lake Ontario. Actually, we launched 10 straight days, but one day we had to come in because of the wind.  

The kids love to fish, and the fish were cooperative. One day we caught 137, at least that’s what Nevaeh says. I can’t disagree with her. It seemed like that to me as I was netting bass, tying on lures and trying to keep everything under control for her and Fischer.   

It’s really a pleasure to be able to do those things with your kids. I’m blessed in that they both love to fish and spend time with mom and dad. That’s really what professional bass fishing means to me. It’s more than a job or a career. It’s a lifestyle where the whole family is together most of the time seeing and doing things in the outdoors. 

As far as my season is concerned I can’t say it was bad or anything close to bad. I mean, I won my first Bassmaster Elite Series event, actually my first B.A.S.S. professional level event, at the 2021 Guaranteed Rate Bassmaster Elite at Pickwick Lake. There’s no way that makes a bad or a tough year. 

On the other hand I did miss a slot in the 2022 Academy Sports + Outdoors Bassmaster Classic presented by Huk. That is a disappointment. You always want to make the Classic, and I especially wanted to make the 2022 one after winning on Pickwick. But, it didn’t happen so I’ll be spending my time working at the Classic Expo.

I’ve had worse years. I’ll take this one.  

Besides, working the Expo isn’t all bad. You get to meet with a lot of the fans. They can take pictures, and you can thank them for their support. Another thing is that I have a group of strong sponsors that make my career possible. It’ll be a chance for me to pay them back for all they’ve done.

And, I’ll get to sleep in a little later and spend a little more time with my family. 

It’s important sometimes to look at the big picture. Finishing 53rd in the Bassmaster Angler of the Year standings isn’t a goal I’d set for myself, but it happened and so you live with it. There’s an old adage that goes, “Stop and smell the roses.” My life is best when I do that. 

I’ll see everyone in Greenville, S.C., come next March.