The LIVE show


The Bassmaster LIVE crew: (L-R) Tommy Sanders, Mike Suchan, Davy Hite, Ronnie Moore and Mark Zona.

I’m sure, by now, all of you hardcore B.A.S.S. fans have seen or at least heard of Bassmaster LIVE —’s weekend coverage of the Bassmaster Elite Series. Produced by JM Associates, it’s the hottest new platform in tournament fishing and it airs live (Friday through Sunday) during each Elite Series tour stop.

Totally unfiltered, LIVE follows a select group of finalists as they battle against each other on specific bodies of water. It’s a blow-by-blow account, and it’s guaranteed to keep you engaged. 

The other thing that makes it so special is the commentary. Tommy Sanders, Mark Zona, Davy Hite, Mike Suchan and Ronnie Moore do a great job of keeping viewers apprised as changes occur during the broadcast. Dave Mercer also adds to the mix with his cameos from the tournament site expos, where he interviews other Elite pros and any celebrities on hand.

In the Driver’s Seat

I love Bassmaster LIVE. Although it seems I watch far too much of it lately (for lack of making enough cuts), it’s a great consolation for any competitor sent home early from a tournament.

When I’m about to hit the road, I tune in on my iPhone and connect via Bluetooth inside my Tundra. The sound quality is so much better that way. Then it’s just a matter of maintaining a signal, which my cell carrier does a pretty good job of nationwide.

I sometimes get so caught up in the coverage, I hate to make pit stops. When I do stop for gas, I often leave the truck running so I don’t miss any of the action. It makes the drive home so much more enjoyable … quicker too.

The Lessons I Learn

Probably the biggest gain from watching or listening to LIVE — at least from my perspective — is seeing how I got beat. I don’t care who you are, if you’re a competitor and you’re somehow eliminated from a contest, you want to know how and why. Bassmaster LIVE gives me that information in real time.