Boat maintenance and success


Mercury tech "Scotty B" on standby. Notice the sign behind him...

There is an indisputable truth in tournament fishing: No matter how many fish you catch or how big they are, if you can’t get them to the scales, they don’t count.

That’s just how it is. And it might surprise you how often minor mechanical failures stand between a professional angler and his success. Worse, most could easily be avoided with a little preventive maintenance.

Mercury Marine tech Scott Beattie knows this better than most. He says, “It’s incredible! A tournament angler will devote all the time in the world to rigging his tackle, yet virtually none on the equipment that gets him back to weigh-in.”

A longtime veteran with Mercury’s Technical Support Team, the man known as “Scotty B” has seen it all firsthand. And he insists that if anglers would spend just a few minutes going through a simple pre-flight checklist, they could avoid most mechanical failures.