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Straycasts launches new series about Bassmaster Opens and Kayak Series

Stray Casts

Straycasts is grateful to enter into our eighth season in 2023. Produced by Andy “The Ginger Ninja” Ellenberger, hyped by JR “Rock n Shoal Fantasy” Ewing and hosted by Pat Renwick, the primary purpose remains to glorify the anglers’ careers, personalities, Proper Bassin Lifestyles, and first and foremost their love for the Bassmaster family. 

The SCTV Network also branches out in 2023 with two new shows: “Into The Great Wide B.A.S.S. Opens” will be hosted by two Opens warriors, Brad Leuthner, The north country Legend, and Jamie Bruce, host of Canada’s Get The Net podcast. Into the Great Wide Opens will pull back the curtains of what it’s like to compete in bass fishing’s gauntlet, the Bassmaster Opens – covering everything from the struggles of the road to new found glory with no-holds interviews featuring up-and-comers, all-stars, and the old guard. Everyone in the Opens has a story and a dream, and it deserves to be heard. 

Secondly, “Pedal Pirates” hosted by angling prodigy Nolan Minor explores the extra competitive world of tournament kayak angling. Pedal Pirates sheds some much-deserved light on the folks who are catchin’ bass and cashin’ checks from vessels that go where others can’t.

But wait there’s more! Viewers’ Favorite Pop-Up segment, “The Bass Historians,” with Bassin Brainiacs Kenny Duke and Terry Battisti will continue to left hook you when you least expect it! 

-Stray Casts airs “LIVE” Wednesdays at 7pm CST. Season 8 premieres January 4th with Bassin icon Seth Feider.

Into The Great Wide B.A.S.S Opens premieres Saturday January 7th with guest Ben Milliken, YouTube phenom and now B.A.S.S Opens competitor.

The Premiere of Pedal Pirates will be announced soon.  

Stray Casts is available for your viewing and listening pleasure on Facebook, RoKu, YouTube, and all podcast platforms.