Cox cruising on Day 2

In the last hour, John Cox has caught two very important bass, a 3-3 he landed next to a railroad bridge and another 3-2 he caught on a laydown. Those bass didn’t make it easy on Cox though. The first big one bit while he was hung up, and the most recent big one was hooked in the fin and ran him under a tree. Prior to the hookup, that bass also swam up and tried to eat his crankbait out of the same tree several times. Cox worked his way back to that piece of wood and secured the catch.

Every bass he has caught today has been on the Berkley Frittside crankbait. Along with his keepers, Cox has landed several non-keeper fish as well. The wind is starting to blow hard across the Tennessee River, and it is pushing water through the bridges that Cox has focused much of his attention on this morning. Isolated laydowns, stumps and the rip rap have all produced bites, big and small.

Cox is in third place with an unofficial two-day total of 25-14 and has 11-10 in his livewell on BassTrakk at 11 o’clock.