Gussy gassing up, panic mode

Jeff Gustafson has made some of the longest runs of all the competitors this week, down Fort Loudon and over up into Tellico. 

It’s required gassing up each day. This has been a lackadaisical endeavor the first two days, with a solid limit in the livewell. Today, Gussy was in a full sprint back to his boat after putting enough fuel in his tank to safely make it in. 

He has less than an hour to fish before he’ll have to run in. He’s trying something we haven’t seen him do all week right now, skipping boat docks in hope of a keeper or two. 

The wheels are wobbling for Gussy. Will he be able to right the ship in these waning moments? The anxiety levels are rising for all of us, but none higher than those of the panicked Gussy, whose rapid breathing is tugging on the heartstrings of almost every angler looking on.