Twiggs makes most of second chance

When a man suffers a life-threatening and life-altering injury, he can easily go down a dark path. He might lash out at the world and grow bitter and angry at anyone or anything that contributed to the injury. He could easily wallow in self-pity and despair. And who could blame him?

Fortunately, when an accident during a 1992 combat training mission nearly cut U.S. Navy Gunner’s Mate Missile Technician Stacy Twiggs in half, he had a different reaction.

“I just felt like I was spared for a reason,” Twiggs said. “When I stopped breathing, I was praying – praying that I wouldn't be taken quite yet. But I knew the odds weren't good for me when I came to grips with my circumstances.

“I guess you could say I was pretty much driven to make the most of it, and that's how I've lived my life every single day since then. It hasn't come without its aches and pains and hasn't come without a lot of struggle and hardship. But I have embraced every single day and every moment, every joy that I could since Feb. 5, 1992.”