Outdoor Women: Kimberly Lester

Kim Broadhurst raised a few eyebrows when she entered beauty pageants back in high school and college.

And while that may have had something to do with grace, poise or the evening gown she was wearing, another surefire attention-getter was her response to the standard beauty pageant interview question.

“They always asked ‘What are you most passionate about?’ and I always said hunting, without a doubt,” she said, laughing. “All the boys would hoot and holler, because for a girl, I guess it was a really unique thing … The pageants were a good mix for me. I definitely was a ‘girly girl’ and liked to dress with my big earrings and my makeup. But when I went home, I liked to paint up my face, put on my camo, wash all the perfume off and go hunting.”

No telling whether Kim’s interview answer helped her win a pageant, but her love of the outdoors did help her score the heart of Lincoln County (Tenn.) High School classmate Brandon Lester. The two met in geometry class as juniors, and they dated for several years, though they eventually married other people. Six years passed and, both single again, they reconnected in Fayetteville, Tenn.