The hunting trip of a lifetime


Steve Bowman

Dr. Seuss had nothing to do with deer hunting. He did create some unbelievable fantasy worlds, though, like Whoville from How The Grinch Stole Christmas.

That incredible place from the mind of the good doctor is an apt metaphor for the Hooville Ranch near George West, Texas, a fantasy world for deer hunters, where everything seems more magnificent than what might come from a deer hunter’s imagination. 

It even goes for bass fishermen who are used to big dreams. Lately, Hooville has been a destination for an enthusiastic group of anglers. More on that later.

More than 20 years ago, Tom Moleski and Mark Zona were buzzing around the smallmouth fisheries of Michigan and nearby states, plying the waters for a paycheck in bass derbies. Zona had yet to capture the imagination of the fishing world as a host of television shows, but his personality was as infectious as it is today. 

Moleski was a business man more suited to helping out struggling companies with leadership, a knack for organization and a sense of perfection. Together, those two forged a friendship that would go much deeper than just fishing buddies exchanging stories and lures on the water.