Bass Basics: What do I fish for?


Logan Crumley

Beginning anglers often start out fishing from shore on small freshwater lakes, ponds and streams. Knowing the types of fish that live in these waters allows better preparation for each visit and hopefully increases the catch.

Largemouth bass

Originally, largemouth bass were found only in the eastern United States, southern Canada and northern Mexico. But since the late 1800s, transplants to new waters have expanded their range to every state except Alaska. They are readily available to more U.S. anglers than any other sportfish, and their hard-hitting, high-jumping fighting style makes them much sought after everywhere they swim.

Baits and lures: Numerous artificial lures have been developed to trick largemouth into biting, including plastic worms, jigs, topwater plugs, crankbaits and spinnerbaits. Big shiner minnows, crawfish, night crawlers and frogs are all commonly used live baits in different regions of the U.S.

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