B.A.S.S. Nation

Nation: St. Lawrence River Day 3 weigh-in

Check out all of the Day 3 action from the TNT Fireworks B.A.S.S. Nation Northeast Regional at St. Lawrence River weigh-in.
Danny McGarry
Harry Colberg
Devin Hines
Jesse Spellicy
Thomas Waltz
Dan Patane
David Torres
Nicholas Holt
Tyler Ashick
Tynan Manns
Dave Andrews
Steven Griffith
Lewis Mendall
Conor Cahill
Will Rogers
Garrett Sicely
Anthony Dulac
Brian Marino
Zack Hajecate
Eric Cavallaro
Tim Talento
Ryan Gould
Harry Colberg
Paul Owen
Mike Moran
Tracy Rich
Cole Moulton
Larry Taylor
Aaron Orsi
Danny McGarry
JT Fitzgerald
Jonathan Dietz
Cory Badman
Phil Curtis
Ricky Schlauch
James Loomis III
Ron Humiston
Brad Brodnicki
Craig Morris
Matthew Furtado
Bill Kanwisher
Josh Herting
Noah Winslow
Joshua Smith
Jeremy Sadowski
Rob Ross
Mike Wolfenden
Travis Turcotte
Gary Belanger
Amos Dixon
Casey Baroffio
Kevin Miller
Tyler Rush
Evan Young
Josh Cotier
Keith Aucoin
Chris Heltemas
Jacob Zaremski
Northeast Region Champion Non-Boater Tracy Rich
Timothy Dube
Timothy Dube
Northeast Region Champion Boater Timothy Dube