Murder and bass fishing do not go together

“Murder” is such a disturbing word.

Thankfully, in our line of work, it’s not one we have to use much.

But we had to use it yesterday, because there’s no other word to describe what happened to one of our own, Dylan Poche.

Most of us in the office did not know Dylan. Some did, because of his participation in a Costa Bassmaster High School Open last year, or because he served as a volunteer at a college tournament a year ago.

But you don’t need to know Dylan to hurt for what happened to him.

At only age 18, with less than a full year of college tournament fishing behind him — and his first B.A.S.S. college tournament only a few weeks away — Dylan was stabbed to death while at a boat ramp with his brother and some friends on Sibley Lake in Louisiana.

Nothing sounds more wholesome than spending time at the lake with family and friends. And yet, it ended in an unnecessary, gruesome scene that will weigh on the hearts of all fishermen for years to come.