One of the greatest years of my life

Even though it’s blistering cold here in Minnesota right now, the attached photo of me sitting on a beach barefoot brings forth a ton of warm thoughts as I reflect back on an incredible year full of highs, lows and learning experiences.

With my year as the Carhartt Bassmater College Series Champion coming to a close, I took the time to think back on how this year and the events that took place will likely mold me into the person that I will be in the future.

After winning the Classic Bracket and securing a spot in the 2016 Bassmaster Classic and all nine of the 2016 Bassmaster Opens, it's safe to say that my life completely changed.

I took an entire year off of school to pursue this "fishing dream" that millions of people wished they could pursue. I got to meet my childhood superstars, and fish in the “Super Bowl of Bass Fishing” against them.

To say competing in the Bassmaster Classic was a dream come true would be a complete understatement. I'm extremely fortunate and blessed by the Lord to have had this opportunity and to catch a glimpse of the insurmountable love and blessings He shows His children.

There were so many highs during the year that if I were to list them all, this article would go on forever, so I chose only a few to share, which I truly cherished.

Where to begin? How about Lake Toho? Fishing in Florida was an entirely different world than I had ever encountered. The first Bassmaster Open was down there, and it was the first big tournament of my life.

I remember distinctly during practice, as I was rounding the corner of some reeds, I noticed a boat that was fishing toward me. It was a black Ranger with a big red "Rat-L-Trap" logo on it. I thought to myself, "Could that be who I think it is?" 

As the other angler approached, I dropped my Power-Poles and removed the sun protection buff from my face so that I could speak clearly to him.

I asked, "Are you Mark Daniels Jr.?" 

And he replied, "I am." 

I then said, "Dude! I'm a huge fan! My name is Trevor Lo!"

He then said, "Trevor Lo? The college kid? Dude, I'm a fan!"

My jaw hit the deck of my boat. I had no clue any of these big sluggers had any idea who I was. It was quite the humbling encounter to say the least.