Fish New York's Lake Champlain

In case you didn’t know, this lake has its own version of the Loch Ness Monster. The beast is named Champ, and scads of tourists boat around this 490-square-mile body of water hoping for a glimpse of it.

Although the smallmouth don’t grow quite as big as Champ is purported to be (20 feet long, thick as a barrel with the head of a horse), the fish are certainly easier to find and catch. As a matter of fact, the smallies here are so abundant anglers often have 50-fish days (Champlain ranked No. 27 on Bassmaster’s 100 Best Bass Lakes list). Tube jigs, drop shots and crankbaits are the go-to lures. Target offshore structure for easy bites. The smallmouth fishing is so good on this lake that many fishermen forget about the lakes burgeoning largemouth population. The green fish can be caught in the shallows with relative ease using plastics, spinnerbaits and topwaters. And when you hook one, you might think you have a monster on the end of your line.

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