Chapman: From bass to bucks, Part 3

Brent Chapman has more trophy bucks to his credit than Bassmaster Elite Series trophies. That’s saying a lot considering he’s one of the top anglers in the world. Ironically enough, he uses the things that make him successful on the water in the deer woods.

The following is a continuation of his tips.

“I've learned, and I don’t care what you do in this sport, you can’t beat a deer’s nose,’’ Chapman said. “You can dilute it and you can get away with some minor deals, but if you think you’re going to go forget the wind and just hunt, that’s impossible. If there’s somebody out there that says they can do that, then bring it on and I’ll take you to the deer that you can’t do that to.

“Just like fishing, I've learned in hunting in certain parts of the country and even certain parts of states and counties, deer are different, just like fish. You go to the local private strip and you can go bass fishing and anybody can catch them. You take a novice angler to the Sabine River and let’s see how good they can catch them."

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