The Bubba shot: As cheap as it sounds

Save your fancy drop shot weights for a spinning rod and 6-pound-test. Bubba shotting is too simple for that kind of thing.

Bassmaster Elite Series pro Clark Reehm has seen everything from egg sinkers to bank sinkers to pyramid sinkers successfully anchor this rig. Regardless of the kind of weight you choose, try his method of securing your weight. It can save you time — and money — if you get hung up.

"The best way I've found is to keep a Bubba weight on is with a spinnerbait skirt collar," Reehm said. "It'll save you a lot of headaches as it's designed to pull the rig free if the weight gets snagged so you don't lose the whole rig."

He slips the weight through the tag end of the line followed by the collar. He then loops the line through the weight twice, cinching it tight. This allows the line to work its way free with enough pressure so the whole rig doesn't break off. Simply thread another weight on and you're back in action.

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