Chapman: From bass to bucks, Part 2

Brent Chapman is a successful bowhunter. He’s also a successful angler, having won the biggest title in the game as the 2012 Toyota Bassmaster Angler of Year.

He believes archers could benefit in a day of deer hunting by mimicking how professional anglers approach their day. This is the second in a series. The first covered preparation from the physical things to the mental.

This installment covers some of his best advice on bowhunting whitetail deer.

“One of the biggest things is setting goals,’’ Chapman said. “Setting goals just like we do in fishing. That helps me get ready before the season starts.

“If this is your first year out, it may be, ‘I want to go out and just be a guy who gets comfortable seeing deer. If I'm lucky enough, maybe get to harvest any kind of deer or even a doe.’ Nobody gives does the respect they deserve but if you live in, let’s say Florida, your expectations of killing a Boone and Crocket deer probably shouldn’t be set real high. It is the same for me living in Kansas, the odds of me catching a 10-pound bass here are nil to none.

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