Chapman: From bass to bucks, Part 1

Bow hunting and bass fishing wouldn’t seem to be married at the hip, like say peanut butter and jelly. But according to Brent Chapman, the 2012 Bassmaster Elite Series Angler of the Year, being successful at both is very similar.

They fit together like fingers in a glove. On one hand, Chapman is at the top of the fishing game, and on the other, he consistently arrows Pope and Young class whitetails in his home state of Kansas. In both situations he utilizes the same mindset to be successful.

The following is a series of bow hunting tips that if you are an angler could help you in the woods this fall. Or if you are a bow hunter could help you on the water anytime. “Tournament fishing and bow hunting just go together,’’ Chapman said. “The little subtleties that set a professional fisherman apart from a weekend angler are the same thing that sets apart a successful bow hunter from one who is just spending time in the stand.”

Chapman starts with attention to detail. “Being organized and having your equipment working 110-percent means everything. I’ve seen it for years on the bass fishing trail. You go to an open event and you hear of a guy that shows up and knew for years that his battery wasn’t working, or he was having trouble with his battery or livewell. Then he has to deal with them in the tournament.

“All of that stuff comes to a head tournament time. It’s the same thing bow hunting. If something is telling you, ‘Hey, my shooting is off a little bit,’ or I think I didn’t do this properly or I didn’t cut this shooting lane, it’s going to come back to bite you in the moment of truth. It’s the same thing in tournament fishing.

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