Open: Day One weigh-in

Check out photos from the first day on the Red River!

<p>Andy Magoun (7th, 7-10)</p>
Andy Magoun (7th, 7-10)
<p>Carl Jocumsen (73rd, 9-1)</p>
Carl Jocumsen (73rd, 9-1)
<p>Chad Morgenthaler (25th, 11-12)</p>
Chad Morgenthaler (25th, 11-12)
<p>Chad Wiley (3rd, 14-12)</p>
Chad Wiley (3rd, 14-12)
<p>Mike Knotts - co-angler  (12th, 7-3)</p>
Mike Knotts – co-angler  (12th, 7-3)
<p>Chris Pearson, co-angler (13th, 7-2)</p>
Chris Pearson, co-angler (13th, 7-2)
Christopher Wilson (3rd, 8-6)
Christopher Wilson (3rd, 8-6)
<p>Craig Schuff (6th, 14-2)</p>
Craig Schuff (6th, 14-2)
<p>Duane Pittman (11th, 13-0)</p>
Duane Pittman (11th, 13-0)
<p>Ernest Smoak , co-angler (1st, 9-9)</p>
Ernest Smoak , co-angler (1st, 9-9)
<p>James Johnson (1st, 16-5)</p>
James Johnson (1st, 16-5)
Jeffery Lemoine (87th, 8-3)
Jeffery Lemoine (87th, 8-3)
<p>Joseivan Perez (169th, 3-12)</p>
Joseivan Perez (169th, 3-12)
<p>Kirk WIlliams, co-angler (29th, 5-12)</p>
Kirk WIlliams, co-angler (29th, 5-12)
<p>Lucas Ragusa (8th, 13-10)</p>
Lucas Ragusa (8th, 13-10)
<p>Michael Iaconelli ( 4th, 14-9)</p>
Michael Iaconelli ( 4th, 14-9)
<p>Mike Kernan (38th, 10-14)</p>
Mike Kernan (38th, 10-14)
<p>Mike Pedroza (20th, 12-1)</p>
Mike Pedroza (20th, 12-1)
<p>Randall Tharp (2nd, 15-14)</p>
Randall Tharp (2nd, 15-14)
<p>Robbie Latuso (16th, 12-9)</p>
Robbie Latuso (16th, 12-9)
<p>Roger Richter (11th, 13-0)</p>
Roger Richter (11th, 13-0)
<p>Roy Sanford (5th, 14-7)</p>
Roy Sanford (5th, 14-7)
<p>James Foster, co-angler (5th, 8-1)</p>
James Foster, co-angler (5th, 8-1)