2022 ICAST new products preview

When July comes around, it's time to get your first look at the innovations of the fishing industry at the annual International Convention of Allied Sportfishing Trades, or ICAST. Each year before the show, B.A.S.S. asks every company we can what new products they will be showing, and here's over 100 of the products coming soon to a tackle store near you.
Berkley Slobberknocker
Berkley Labs scientists created an innovative through-head design that is completely different from other bladed jigs, also fine-tuning the unique design for consistent vibrations. The jig is ideal for coming through heavy cover, adding another dimension to the bladed jig category. Featuring a signature hand-tied Berkley silicone skirt infused with PowerBait flavor to help ensure that every fish that bites will hold on longer, it also features a chip-resistant paint finish and sticky sharp Fusion19 hook. And, to match the hatch, it's available in 12 premium forage matching colorways. $13.99. berkleyfishing.com
Catch Co. X Mike Bucca Bull Mullet
Some saltwater baits cross over to bass fishing, and this collaboration between Catch Co. and Mike Bucca’s legendary Bull Shad Swimbait is an example. This jointed swimbait comes in at 5.5”, 1.5oz, and is built to last with high-grade components like 3x saltwater grade hooks and heavy-duty rotating hook hangers. $19.99. shopkarls.com
Freedom Tackle Speed Freak Spinnerbait 
A head with a keel-shape for running true at high speeds, and a proprietary collar to increase skirt flare are standout features of the Speed Freak. Features a two-barb, super-sticky bait keeper integrated into a premium black nickel hook, and a patent-pending Kilter blade for a rocking action from the bait and hook. Available in largemouth and smallmouth versions, and multiple sizes and colors. $7.99. americanbaitworks.com
Freedom Tackle Ultra Diver Shad
A forward-weighted design and cloverleaf lip create a radical deflection off structure, and ensure the bait stays longer at maximum depth. The seamless, one-piece lip and sonic-welded body add durability and toughness for deflecting off rock and wood. Finished with premium black nickel hook. Available in two sizes and 16 colors. $8.99. americanbaitworks.com
Googan Squad Bumper
Like the name implies, the Googan Squad Bumper is a double Colorado bladed spinnerbait designed to bump off cover and grass. The Bumper is designed to be fished around docks, stumps, and brush while also streamlining through the veggies with ease. Each Bumper features a strong wire framework, stout hook, and two flashy Colorado blades. Cast and retrieve at slower speeds around cover like docks, wood, rock, or grass. The Colorado blade has higher resistance in the water compared to a willowleaf blade so it can be reeled slower and provide extra thump and vibration. $6.99. shopkarls.com
Nichols Lures Catalyst Spinnerbait 
Designed around an Owner hook, each Catalyst is plated in either 24k Gold or Nickel for ultimate durability and style. Engineered with G3 Level Curvature, the Catalyst is finished with a Pro-Tie skirt and custom Nichols Lures blades. Nicholslures.com
BBZ Bio-Rat
When Bill Siemantel set out to build the new FishLab rat bait, he wanted to create something that could be fished in a variety of ways, for a wide range of species. “I wanted to produce something that would make fishermen drop their jaws. I wanted to create a rat that wasn’t just a wake bait that had been done before, but something new and unique from the minute details of how it looks to the versatility of how and where it could be fished.”
The BBZ Bio-Rat pushes the limits of what anglers imagine a rat can do or how it can be fished. BBZ Bio-Rat combines the realistic features and looks of a live rat with the ability to be chugged, popped, ripped, slow-rolled and even made to perform a unique walk-the-dog that you simply cannot produce with other baits in this or any other category for that matter. $21.99 Fishlab
Googan Squad Rival 7"
This magnum glide bait is 7" and weighs 2.1 ounces, making it ideal for the biggest bass in the lake. With its single joint construction, the Rival has a wide glide when twitched, with the ability to turn and stare down following bass with 180-degree turns. With premium, forage imitating colorways and heavy-duty construction, the Rival is designed to catch the fish of a lifetime. $29.99. 
Greenfish Tackle Bad Little Shad
Ideal for swimbaits, damiki rigs or as a swim jig. Equiipped with a 3 collar keeper to hold plastics firmly in place. The Bad Little Shad is available in 5 sizes, from 1/8 to 1/2 ounces, and 1/0 or 3/0 hook sizes, depending on the weight. Available in 7 colors. Greenfishtackle.com
Jackall Gantarel and Gantarel Jr. 
These double-jointed lures have a mesmerizing, S-shaped swimming pattern on the retrieve to attract bass from afar. When twitched, the Gantarel quickly reverses course with strike-triggering 180-degree turns. Gantarel lures are equipped with feathered treble hooks to add even more realism to these highly effective and ultra-realistic swimbaits. Available in two new colors: Fired Up and RT Crappie. Gantarel length: 6.3 inches; weight: 2 1/2 ounces. $34.99. Gantarel Jr. length: 5 inches; weight :1 1 1/22 ounces. 31.99. jackalllures.com
Jackall Rerange
A unique long-casting mechanism is ideal for reaching wary bass, adding a TG Zero Friction weight transfer system that shifts 20% of the weight to the tail section during the cast. Flouroresin-coated weights move smoothly through the lure body, ensuring a natural, well-balanced swimming action. Available in 4.3- and 5.1 -inch models, and two diving ranges. SR models run 2 to 6 feet; MR models reach depths of 6 to 8 feet. Available in two new colors: Burgundy Shad and Chartreuse Black Pearl. $14.99. jackalllures.com
Livetarget Live Craw
Livetarget strikes again, taking no shortcuts to design yet another realistic bass forage lure. The Live Craw features a unique swing weight system that ensures a horizontal profile as the craw naturally falls through the water column, or crawls across the bottom. Three interchangeable weights allow anglers to fine tune the Live Craw’s rate of decent through the water. The swing weight ensures the bait is slightly off balance, creating a lifelike wobble as the lure descends or is worked across the bottom. The ABS plastic body stands up to abuse in wood or rock, while buoyant, high-action TPE legs create nervous fluttering action during all phases of the retrieve. Equipped with a low frequency knock, and armed with a heavy-duty Mustad hook. Available in 2 1/2- and 3-inch sizes. $14.99. livetargetlures.com
Shimano World Pop 69F FB
Shimano created the first topwater lure to incorporate FLASH BOOST technology that suspends a highly reflective foil on micro springs within the lure cavity to create a continuous flash that mimics wounded baitfish, even as the lure sits motionless. The World Pop 69F FB is the latest addition, also utilizing SCALE BOOST technology with a lifelike composite-pitch hologram to provide the Word Pop with a natural scale pattern. Available in 10 colors. Weight: 3/8 ounce; length: 2 3/4". $19.99. fishshimano.com
SPRO CJ Outsider Crankbaits
Bassmaster Elite Series pros John Crews, and Chris and Cory Johnston designed a uniquely different lineup of crankbaits. By shifting the weight to the outside, the Outsider is easier to cast with more responsive action in the water – design traits that allow anglers to cover more water and catch more fish. The Outsider is available in three sizes. The SR 55 is a 3/8-ounce, square-bill, shallow running bait for 3 to 4 feet of water. The MR 60 is slightly bigger (60 mm) and heavier (5/8 ounces) for medium running from 7 to 9 feet. The DD 80 is the biggest Outsider tuned for fishing in 19 to 21 feet. The DD 80’s 1.25 oz. weight and larger size allow the crankbait to dive quickly and easily cruise the depths. Outsider Crankbaits also include premium Gamakatsu hooks for ready-to-fish convenience right out of the package. $19.99-$25.99. Spro.com
SPRO Blade Spinnerbait
The SPRO Blade Spinnerbait is made with Gamakatsu Nano Alpha Coated hooks for durability and practical functionality. Each bait comes equipped with ball bearing swivels, SPRO Mean Eye head design, and flashy willow blades plated with gold and nickel. This plating showcases the size printed on the side of the blade for easy identification. The bend in the body also prevents the blade from tangling on the line. This spinnerbait is a must-have for clear and stained water applications. $10.99. Spro.com
Spro Thumper Spinnerbait
The SPRO Thumper spinnerbait comes equipped with Gamakatsu Nano Alpha Coated hooks for durability and practical functionality. Each bait comes with ball bearing swivels, SPRO Mean Eye head shape made for hard cover such as rock and timber, and custom hard thumping Colorado and Indiana blades showcasing printed sizes. This spinnerbait is perfect for fishing in muddy and stained water. $10.99. Spro.com
Spro Demon 55
Designed for aggressively fishing intermediate depths, the 3/8-ounce, 55 mm long Speed Demon excels in fast retrieves for covering water and finding feeding bass. Slowing the Speed Demon retrieve dampens its wobble slightly and is a better tactic for sluggish fish. This versatility makes the Speed demon an indispensable crankbait for serious anglers. Each Speed Demon 55 with Gamakatsu trebles is ready-to-fish right from the package. $13.99. Spro.com
SPRO Rk Crawler 50DD
The new Rk Crawler 50DD is a deep-dive crankbait that is a downsized version of the original, weighing 1/2-ounce and 50 mm long. It dives fast, covering more fish-holding structures with every cast, and when targeting game fish in 9 to 12-feet of water. $11.99. Spro.com
SPRO McStick 110+1
The 110+1 version of the original is designed to dive from 9' to 12', making it ideal for suspended bass staging near the 10' zone of the water, while pairing well with forward-facing sonar. 110mm length; 1/2-ounce. Spro.com
Yo-Zuri 3DB Pencil Popper 110
This newcomer is easy to walk and can turn 180 degrees without moving forward in the water. The cupped mouth spits water side to side, drawing fish in from long distances. Rigged with three black nickel treble hooks and a mylar tail on rear treble. It has a single knock cadence rattle and comes in 11 color patterns, which are a combination of Yo-Zuri's patented 3D prism and internal painted finishes. Available this summer. $9.99. yozuri.com
Yo-Zuri 3DR-X Shad
Set apart by patented 3D internal prism scale finishes that emit light in all directions. This is a compact (2-3/8", 1/4oz) suspending shad bait that dives down to and suspends at 5'. It features black nickel hooks and is available in 8 color patterns. $7.99. yozuri.com
Yo-Zuri 3DR-X Crank MR
A quick diving crankbait that gets down to 6ft. Set apart by patented 3D internal prism scale finishes that emit light in all directions. It is a compact size (2", 1/4oz) for highly pressured lakes, small bodies of water and finicky bass. Available in 8 color patterns.  $7.99. yozuri.com
Yo-Zuri 3DR-X Vibe
This sinking lipless crankbait features Yo-Zuri’s patented 3D internal prism scale finishes that emit light in all directions. There are also glow and UV patterns incorporated in the eight available color patterns. The perfect balance gives this lipless crank its swimming action on the fall and allows it to be burned on the retrieve without kicking out. $7.99. yozuri.com
Yo-Zuri Hardcore Bullet Crank 5+
This quick diving crankbait runs at depths from 15 to 20 feet, set apart by a patented magnetic bullet weight transfer system for extremely long and accurate casts. Maintaining ultra-deep diving depths in a compact profile make the bait easier to cast all day. Length: 3-1/8"; Weight: 1ounce. Available in 10 colors. $15.99. yozuri.com
Z-Man HellraiZer
This self-walking topwater slashes, sputters and carves the surface in a unique action never before seen by the fish. Designed by ChatterBait inventor Ron Davis, the HellraiZer is power-driven by an exclusive, weighted tail blade. A simple, straight retrieve effortlessly planes the lure to the top, where it delivers its crazed fleeing action at slow or fast speeds. A thin, elongated, minimalist body sports a belly line tie and a single treble hook. The weighted tail blade attaches to a rear, feathered treble hook to accentuate swimming motion and focus strike attention. Ten body-blade-feather patterns cater to any situation or water color. Length: 5"; Weight: 5/8 ounce. $14.99. zmanfishing.com
Z-Man Midwest Finesse Swim Jig
Precision-engineered and perfectly balanced, the Midwest Finesse Swim Jig is built on Z-Man’s patented StabilTrack jighead design. The head sports a grooved underbelly that prevents rolling at all retrieve speeds. Lifelike 3D eyes accentuate the effect, while an agile brush-guard and sparsely skirted configuration matches light-line, finesse applications and pint-sized trailers. A custom lightwire needlepoint 3/0 hook allows for effortless hooksets with light tackle. Hook is armed with a welded wire keeper for easy rigging and holding ElaZtech trailers, such as the Baby GOAT or Slim SwimZ, securely. Six color patterns and three sizes (5/32-, 3/16- and ¼-ounce) available. $4.99. zmanfishing.com
13 Fishing Power-Slide
Designed for hard-cutting, slashing action, the Power Slide
Carefully honed for hard-cutting slashing action, the Power-Slide features a sculpted gill plate to add disturbance to each turn, making this slider walk with a lively ruckus in calm and rough conditions. Designed for fast and slow retrieve to adapt to the conditions, this lure is ideally suited for rapid deployment, searching wide areas hastily as well as picking apart tight structure. It comes equipped with 3 precision placed VMC Premium Black Nickel treble hooks to capture and retain more bites. $13.99. 13fishing.com
Berkley PowerStinger
New, patent pending “honeycomb” technology increases durability and additional swimming action for unique strike appeal, and a thick baitfish profile and a dense head add durability to prevent tearing. Back and belly slots accommodate a variety of rigging styles. A perfect match with the new Berkley Slobberknocker, the PowerBait PowerStinger is available in 3.5" and 4.25" versions, and 12 standard colors or 4 HD colors to match any hatch. $9.99-$9.99. Berkleyfishing.com
Big Bite Baits Quarantine Craw 425
Designed by Bassmaster Elite Series Pro Drew Cook, the Quarantine Craw is designed as a finesse craw for largemouth and smallmouth to be rigged on a jighead. The solid Ned style body easily rigs on any jighead. The claws swim at the smallest twitch of the rod. It also makes an ideal trailer for a finesse jig. Scentsation soft plastic formula adds increased fish attraction. Length: 4.25". $6.99 (9 pack). bigbitebaits.com
Big Bite Baits SoMolly 36
At 3.6" the SoMolly is the ideal finesse worm for dropshot rigs or for a jighead. It features a ribbed body, one flat side, and a slight paddle tail to quiver easily when falling. Scentsation soft plastic formula adds increased fish attraction. $6.99 (10 pack). bigbitebaits.com
Big Bite Baits Kamikaze Swimon Split Tail
The newest addition to the popular Swimon Series is the ideal trailer for spinnerbaits and bladed jigs. It features the same design as the Swimon family, with a slimmed-down ribbed body with flat sides to create less resistance in the water. As a result, baits can be fished deeper. The split tail features twin split tails to provide a subtle action. Length: 4.25". $4.29 (7 pack). bigbitebaits.com
BOOYAH Poppin Pad Crasher Jr. 
The BOOYAH Poppin’ Pad Crasher in a downsized profile appealing to bass feeding on smaller prey or living in pressured waters. Ideal for pond hopping, the Poppin Pad Crasher Jr. comes in 10 color patterns. $7.29. lurenet.com
Biospawn Lures VileMinnow
A bionic replica of a dying baitfish, capable of twitching and darting, VileMinnow is designed with an elongated tail for simulated action, and a hook channel for protection through weeds. When paired with an EWG hook, rigged weedless through the hook channel, the VileMinnow is designed to be fished with a lightweight screw lock EWG hook, or weightless on an EWG hook, offset worm hook, or screw lock EWG hook. $5.99. shopkarls.com
Biospawn Lures ExoNed
The ExoNed is a novel experimental technology for the Ned Rig. An infusion of built-in-a-lab BioScent boosts strikes. The segmented body is made of ultra-durable Stretch-X plastic and floats up and off the bottom, and quivering antennae replicate organic movement. Ideal when fished on a Ned rig or mushroom jig head. The ExoNed is made of Stretch-X plastic, so it is ultra-durable, floats off the bottom, and should not be stored with other plastics. $5.69. shopkarls.com
Biospawn Lures VileTube
VileTube is infused with BioScent to boost strikes, while angled wings allow for wider glides through the water. The angled ridges and multiple flailing appendages replicate organic movement of crawfish and baitfish to stimulate starved predators. $5.69. shopkarls.com
Gene Larew Flipping Biffle Bug
Legendary B.A.S.S. pro Tommy Biffle transformed his equally as legendary Biffle Bug into the ideal flipping bait. This variant features the same ribbed body that can accompany scents or rattles, combined with a solid head and quick kicking side appendages for a seductive fall. $6.29. lurenet.com
Jackall Rhythm Wag
The Rhythm Wag features a split-tail design that emits fish-attracting vibrations, and gives the bait a dynamic swimming action. This versatile soft plastic features a hook slit on top to help hide the hook and ensure the bait is straight. The Rhythm Wag also features a hole in the rear of the lure to make it easier for anglers to rig when fishing a back-slide technique, enabling the bait to glide backward beneath cover. Featuring a two-layer construction with a denser “High-Gravity” material in its lower half, the Rhythm Wag maintains a stable action when twitched and aids in giving it an enticing shimmy action during the descent. Length: 4.5". Available in 9 colors. $5.99 (3 pack). jackalllures.com
Livetarget Ultimate Frog
When motionless, this frog rests silently on the surface with its eyes just above the top, its body angled 45-degrees down, and its legs contracted beneath its body. When twitched or pulled, the Ultimate Frog’s body dips beneath the surface as its legs hinge at the hips and knees, extending to full length in perfect unison – just like a living frog as it swims for its life through open water. At the end of this stride, the lure’s legs tuck back in toward the body as its eyes break the surface, in an intricate sequence of biomimetic motions that bring the frog to life. With a body molded from ABS plastic and legs crafted from highly elastic and durable TPE, the Ultimate Frog is engineered to withstand the rigors of the surface battlefield. Pull it adjacent to heavy cover, and the Ultimate Frog’s dense internal rattle calls bass in for a closer look. Its well-positioned single hook delivers unmatched hooking percentages in the unforgiving topwater angling environment. Both Popper and Finesse models of the Ultimate Frog are available in 2" and 2 1/2" sizes, and 8 color patterns. $17.99. livetargetlures
Missile Baits Magic Worm
Missile Baits collaborated with Roboworm to make a hand-poured, all-purpose, finesse soft plastic bait called the Magic Worm. The 6" straight worm is ideal for popular techniques including drop shot, Neko rig, Texas rig, shaky head and wacky worm. Available in 12 unique colors from Roboworm styles. $10.99 for a pack of 14 worms. missilebaits.store
Missile Baits Chunky D
A 3.5" body features a thicker craw shape, with ribs on the bottom and flanges near the end of the D Bomb-shaped flappers. The result is a sharp thump when the Chunky D is pulled through the water column. Ideal for full-sized jigs as a heavy cover trailer, rigged Texas style, or on a swing-head jig head. missilebaits.store
Snag Proof SmashMouth Popper
Built on Snag Proof’s custom 5/0 double frog hook with an angle engineered for maximum hook-up ratios, the streamlined shape of the SmashMouth ensures impressive casting distance for reaching spooky bass in shallow water. The front end is designed to maximize lifelike popping action and water displacement for calling fish in from heavy vegetation. Available in 12 colors. $10.99. americanbaitworks.com
SPRO Pintail Stick Slim
Small ticks, flutters and kicks wiggle into action anytime at any retrieve speed with the Pintail Stick Slim. Constructed of supreme quality Japanese soft plastic and infused with Amino Bite scent, the worms are durable enough to fish all day and provide a strike-appealing scent. Available in 3.75" and 5" models and more than a dozen colors. $6.49. spro.com
SPRO CJ Smasher
Developed by Bassmaster Elite Series pros Chris and Cory Johnston, the CJ Smasher is a 3" dynamo of a worm that is poured using Dura Tuff material for longevity and value. Amino Bite scent attractant is integrated into the plastic, ensuring committed strikes from even the most finicky fish. Ideal for drop shot, jig head or Texas rig. Available in 10 colors. Length: 3". $6.99 (5 pack). spro.com
Strike King Rage Scounbug
The Strike King Rage Scounbug is a compact, 3.5-inch crawfish imitator with enough legs to dance and wiggle its way through cover with enticing and unique action. Built with two Rage Flange pincers that wiggle and swim, imparting a life-like, natural action and six legs for a realistic crawfish appearance. It possesses enough attitude to excel as a jig trailer, on a jighead, Texas-rigged, Caroline-rigged…on-and-on the list goes. Strike King offers the Rage Scounbug in 14 enticing colors that mimic natural prey. $6.99. Strikeking.com
YUM Scottsboro Swimbaits
Scottsboro Tackle Company partnered with YUM to create an injection-molded swimbait featuring the highly-sought action of its legendary hand-poured baits. You get the same signature boot-kicking action with a subtle roll that shows body contrast, allowing the colors to flash in the same lifelike action of the hand-poured models. Added up, and this swimbait has the realistic action that is ideal, especially in cold water. Tested for over a year by Bassmaster Elite Series pro Jason Christie, the new bait is available in sizes from 3" to 4.5" and 10 forage-based color patterns. $5.99. lurenet.com
Z-Man GOAT ToadZ
Z-Man’s ElaZtech is already appreciated for making soft plastics last longer, while remaining super soft and pliability. What it also does now is add buoyancy to a topwater frog like none other in the category. Cupped kicker feet impart gurgling, bubbling action at any retrieve speed. A bulkier body provides outstanding long distance castability, and dorsal ridges protect hook points from fouling while allowing for solid hook sets. Length: 4". Available in 8 colors. $4.99 (3 pack). zmanfishing.com
13 Fishing The Trout
Fish this bait for the biggest of big bass on 20- to 30-pound test monofilament or fluorocarbon line. $34.99. 13fishing.com
10,000 Fish Shimmer Swimmer 2.0
This swimbait features flash from a strobe strip for added strike appeal. Designed for ball head jigs, weedless screw lock EWG hooks, or as a trailer on moving baits, this upgraded version has a new design profile and comes in additional colors. $5.29. shopkarls.com
10,000 Fish Shimmer Shad 2.0
The design of the upgraded Shimmer Shad attracts fish by the body reflecting light, and a cascading fall through the water column mimics a dying baitfish. Designed for finicky and pressured bass, the Shimmer Shad is ideal for drop shot rigs. $5.29. shopkarls.com
Abu Garcia Revo X Low Profile Combo
Available in three casting models, the Revo X Low Profile combos feature an asymmetrical reel design for greater comfort and are paired with a 30-ton graphite rod for added sensitivity. The Low Profile Combo features 7 SS bearings + 1 roller bearing, an X2 Craftic Alloy frame, a Mag-Trax braking system, a Carbon 20-pound drag and carbon rear grip for lightweight sensitivity and feel. $199.95. abugarcia.com
Cashion ICON BFS Rod
The BFS or “Bait Finesse System,” is designed specifically for ultra-light finesse fishing with baitcasting tackle. The American-made result is a light power and fast action tip that is perfectly balanced for fishing small baits around cover with the control of a bait casting rig. Micro guides enhance casting distance and accuracy, with the sensitivity of Cashion’s hand-rolled CR6r blank that is rolled unidirectionally, ensuring all fibers run in the same direction for transmitting vibrations from rod tip to fingers. Hand-made carbon fiber grips provide a secure, dense grip for enhanced sensitivity. 6' 10" with a fast action and medium/light power, 4–10-pound line, and 1/8 to 7/16-ounce lures. Also available: 7' Fast, Lt for line weigh 2-8 and lure weight 1/16-5/16. $219.95. cashionrods.com
Cast & Seek Spinning Combo
The combo includes a 6' 6" medium powered graphite composite rod with a 2000 size reel. The high-quality reel features a slow oscillation system to reduce tangles, a 5-bearing system, and is pre-spooled with 6-pound test monofilament line. $59.99. shopkarls.com
Fenwick Elite Bass Casting Rod
The new Fenwick Elite rod family features seven species-specific rod models, and a total of 49 unique rod actions designed to excel regardless of the species targeted. Featuring Powerlux 200 resin and 30-ton graphite, the Elite rods are a combination of lightweight feel and sensitivity. Combined with the advanced resin technology, other key features include premium high-quality cork, an ergonomic reel seat, Titanium guides with zirconia inserts, and a limited lifetime warranty. $169.99. purefishing.com
Googan Squad Black Series Rod
Googan Squad’s flagship rods are built using premium high carbon blanks and nano-tech resin to produce the brand’s most sensitive, durable, and best balanced rods. Custom molded carbon fiber handles with a no slip coating, Fuji Stainless Steel Tangle Free guides with Fazlite inserts are standout features. The rods also feature CatchSmart technology that guarantees that you are always choosing the right rod for the application. $299.99. 
Halo HFX Spinning
This 7' 6" medium heavy action spinning rod features Halo’s Align guide system for ideal alignment of guides, from handle to tip. Halo’s exclusive 4Finger reel seat and exposed blank design allow fingers to detect the slightest bait touch. Sensitivity is further enhanced with integrated Sensi-touch cork composite rings that deliver more feel through the grip. $149.99. americanbaitworks.com
Mustad Brandon Lester Instinct Elite Rod Series
Bassmaster Elite Series winning pro Brandon Lester worked with Mustad to create a tournament-born and proven specialty lineup of premium rods. Each BLF INSTINCT ELITE rod features a unique IST-1.1K blank, manufactured from a blend of three of the most advanced Toray carbon fibers for unmatched lightness, sensitivity, and strength. Alps MVT (Micro Vibration Transmission) reel seats – the rod crafting industry’s most sensitive – provide every BLF INSTINCT ELITE rod with extreme, never-before-possible sensitivity. Featherweight Fuji T2 titanium-frame line guides feature SiC rings for performance and durability. The BLF INSTINCT ELITE Rod Series includes four rods: three Heavy power, Fast action casting rods with 7’1”, 7’3”, and 7’6” lengths, as well as a 7’1”, Medium power, Extra Fast action spinning rod. Starting at $349. Mustadfishing.com
Mustad Legacy Combo Series
Combining durable, two-piece graphite composite rods with pre-spooled ball bearing reels, this new series is available in a Team Combo that pairs both junior and senior rod and reel combos into a single, ready-to-fish package. Mustad’s Freshwater LEGACY COMBO for senior anglers is based around a 7-foot, Medium Light power, Moderate action rod, while the junior Freshwater LEGACY COMBO includes a 5-foot, Light power, Moderate action rod – both perfect for targeting bass, panfish, or trout. $39--$54 for single youth or adult combos; Team combos start at $89. Mustadfishing.com
Shimano Expride B
Shimano Expride B rods incorporate Hi-Power X blank technology to deliver the optimum blend of performance and durability. A Shimano-exclusive manufacturing innovation, Hi-Power X allows rod engineers to craft models with finely-tuned powers and actions that address specific presentations — including versatility, power fishing, or throwing large swimbaits — while also providing anglers with enhanced casting distance and accuracy. Shimano engineers further enhanced the Expride B series by incorporating premium Carbon Monocoque handles, which increase vibration transfer through the rod and into an angler’s hand to deliver up to 30% more sensitivity for superior bite transmission. The Expride B series also features CI4+ reel seats and Fuji SiC guides for premium performance. Available in 16 casting rods, including 3 glass models, and 6 spinning models. $389.99--$419.99. fish.shimano.com
Kistler Grasshopper Rod
Trey Kistler believes that the love of fishing is woven into the very fabric of one’s soul. Like Trey’s, the legacy of a fishing family begins with taking our kids and grandkids fishing. Introducing the new Grasshopper Rod for kids and adults alike. Perhaps the first premium 4' 6" graphite fishing rod specifically designed for kids yet built upon the same standards adult anglers can appreciate. Trey has tested and proven the fast tip action will cast most lures a mile while the backbone is stout enough to handle any lunker. Built by hand in Texas. Available in Med-Heavy and Medium powers. $149. Kistlerrods.com
St. Croix Legend Tournament Bass Series
Headlined by a trio of powerful, all-new swimbait models featuring the St. Croix-exclusive GRASP reel seat, St. Croix’s redesigned and comprehensive Legend Tournament Bass Series expands to 19 technique-specific casting models and eight spinning models for 2023. Featuring all-new SCIV+ carbon blanks and iACT Glass blanks on select reaction bait-models, new Legend Tournament Bass rods feature refined angler ergonomics and cosmetics, as well as all of St. Croix’s top technologies. $290-$395. Stcroixrods.com
St. Croix X-Trek Freshwater Fishing Systems
All-new St. Croix X-Trek (pronounced cross-trek) Freshwater Fishing Systems appeal to anglers seeking precision-balanced, elevated, and handcrafted performance in a pre-matched spinning-rod and reel from a brand they can trust. Engineered from a blank slate, four lightweight, balanced, versatile and powerful X-Trek models feature St. Croix’s newest formulation of sensitive and durable SCII carbon, further strengthened with FRS technology, matched with smooth, lightweight and rock-solid X-Trek spinning reels. $175-$190. Stcroixrods.com
13 Fishing Meta Series
Gerald Swindle designed this series of rods, and you can bet they will stand up to anything, and are made with premium materials only G Man would approve. Built on the next generation of Japanese PVG36T rod blanks, the rods were hand tuned by Swindle. Premium Japanese Split Grip EVA, Evolve Custom Reel Seat, SS American Tackle Guides with DuraLite inserts all add up to a superior rod. Casting rods from 6' 8" to 7' 6" and spinning models from 6' 10" to 7' 2" and a Cranking Series. $149.99. 13fishing.com
Abu Garcia Revo Rocket Spinning Reel
The new and improved Abu Garcia Revo Rocket spinning reel features a blistering fast 7.6:1 gear ratio which is unusual to find in today’s spinning reels. It features an asymmetrical X-Craftic alloy body design that gives anglers a more compact, lightweight body spinning reel. The Rocket is packed with the new AMG2 gear system that is 17% larger than the previous generations, allowing for extra gear strength and the ability to create the Rocket’s extreme gear ratio. It fills a gap in the spinning reel arsenal providing a faster gear ratio for finesse applications to help with making longer casts and picking up line slack that leads to lost fish and missed opportunities. $199.95. abugarcia.com
Kistler Chromium Reel
Forged out of raw Texas passion and masterful South Korean engineering. Known for his premium rods, founder Trey Kistler has again created a masterpiece by developing the most unrivaled BFS baitcasting reel on the market, the Kistler Chromium Reel. Explicitly designed to help anglers enjoy their sport more than ever. When the fishing pressure is at its highest, downsize to micro lures. Weighing just 5.8 ounces. Built to handle various line sizes, especially lightweight BFS finesse lures without compromising power to handle the toughest conditions. The new Kistler Chromium reel is how we think fishing should feel. $299. Kistlerrods.com
Lew’s Custom Lite Series Spinning Reel
The Custom Lite is designed with a singular purpose – to offer anglers an elite-level high-performance spinning reel at the lightest weight possible. Team Lew’s premium Custom Lite Spinning reel features an all-new carbon fiber frame and 11 stainless steel bearing system. The braid-ready double-anodized aluminum spool and Lew’s battle tested drag system gives light-line anglers assurance that they can handle the strongest pulling fish. $159.99 lews.com
Team Lew’s Elite Ti SLP Casting Reel
Crafted in the 72nd year of Lew’s existence, with nearly a century of design exceptionalism at the core of this American company, the Elite-Ti represents the perfect harmony between breathtaking innovation and heartfelt fishing legacy. Lew’s exclusive ParaMag Braking System eliminates typical magnetic interference, creating longer cast with complete spool control.  The angler is in full control of the cast in all wind conditions and with all lure weights. The Elite-Ti represents the perfect intersection of striking form and second-to-none functionality. $499.99. lews.com
The new EXIST family features an all-new EXIST Air Drive System with ZAION Air Drive Rotor, Air Drive Bail, Air Drive Spool, and Air Drive Shaft. Thanks to ZAION, the new EXIST Air Drive Rotor is 15% lighter, features a screwless design, flush surface, and greatly increased rigidity. The takeaway is lighter rotation providing you less handle turning resistance. The AIR DRIVE SHAFT adds stability and power transfer; it also works with the rotor for smoother, easier rotations. It allows you to feel absolutely nothing when turning the handle. The Air Drive Bail is lighter and angled allowing seamless transition to the line roller. On to the Air Drive Spool, it’s considerably lighter in weight than comparable reels. The new redesigned clicker in the spool reduces click resistance, creating smoother and much more efficient drag. The reel also offers Daiwa’s Advanced Tournament (ATD) system for a maximum of 22 pounds of drag pressure in the 3000, 4000, and 5000 sizes.
The reel is available in interchangeable right- and left-handed versions in three different gear ratios: 4.9:1, 5.2:1, and 6.2:1. $859.99--$929.99. daiwa.com
Googan Squad Gold Series Casting Reel
The aluminum frame and cranking side plate, carbon infused palm side plate, brass gearing, dual magnetic and centrifugal braking system, and full carbon drag will make sure the Gold Series reels stand up to any fish. These reels also feature CatchSmart technology to help anglers pair the best rod for each technique. $189.99. googansquad
Shimano Bantam A
The redesigned Bantam A features Shimano’s exclusive Infinity Drive technology, delivering unsurpassed reeling force to dominate the power game. With Bantam in hand, bass specialists can now attack thick vegetation, flip supersized jigs, burn one-ounce spinnerbaits or scour the depths with large crankbaits without resistance, hesitation or limitation. Engineered from a one-piece aluminum CoreSolid body, the redesigned Bantam A delivers a solid feel, confidence for hard hooksets and the cranking power required to extract trophy-caliber fish from the thickest cover. Bantam A reels also feature Shimano's MGL III Spool, leveraging decreased start-up inertia for longer casts and expanded versatility. The strong, light and durable Bantam family includes reels equipped for right- or left-hand retrieve, each with three different gear ratios to support a broad spectrum of bass-triggering presentations. $349.99. fish.shimano.com
Shimano Stella FK
Built upon the Shimano legacy of the cold-forged HAGANE Gear and MicroModule Gear II technologies, new InfinityXross technology provides unequaled durability by extending the gear tooth horizontally to distribute load more evenly. Infinity Drive delivers light rotation and increased cranking power under load. The new DuraCross drag system provides the smooth feel and operation of a felt drag but with 10x the durability. To provide a beautiful winding shape for increased casting performance, Shimano’s InfinityLoop technology extends the spool oscillation to produce a more even line lay. Making its debut in Stella FK, Shimano’s Anti-Twist Fin – an innovative elastic polymer tab that maintains constant tension on the line as it enters the spool – eliminates line twist that may develop while fishing with monofilament or fluorocarbon. A redesigned drag knob and fortified propulsion lip further enhance line management and provide superior reeling performance. Available in five models from 1000 to C5000. $749.99--$779.99. fish.shimano.com
13 Fishing Inception G2
The Gerald Swindle inspired and designed series is a series of premium reels that are built to last and handle the toughest fishing environments. The unique series features pro specifications for gearing, handles, gear ratios and capacities. Standout features are a Beetle Wing Rapid Access Side Plate, 22-pound Bulldog Drag, aluminum star drag and Gen II Anodized Worm Gear. Ti Armor Aluminum Drive Gear and H.A.M. Hardened Brass Drive Gear and 8 total ball bearings make this reel smooth, durable and ideal for any bass fishing scenarios. Three models in right- and left-hand versions. $150. 13fishing.com
13 Fishing Axum
The silky-smooth Ultimate Cut Drive gear and Hyper Brass Pinion are indicators of the premium quality of this spinning reel that is tough yet ideal for finesse applications. The precision CNC gearing gracefully glides when the handle is turned. The many performance upgrades include a Sealed rotor, Ceramic Line roller with 100% corrosion-proof CZB bearing, and Black Seal Performance ball bearings. $135. 13fishing.comhttps://13fishing.com/icast-2022/2022-axum
SpiderWire DuraBraid Hi-Vis Yellow
After being introduced at ICAST 2021, SpiderWire DuraBraid is now available in Hi-Vis Yellow for the ultimate in strike detection. Available from 8- to 80-pound test, and spool sizes of 150, 300, 500 and 5,000 yards. Purefishing.com
Seaguar Smackdown Braid 300-yard spools
Seaguar answered angler demand by adding 300-yard spools to its popular Smackdown braid lineup of the ultra-thin, 8-strand line matched to specific situations. The larger spools are ideal for reducing waste, and for reels with larger line capacities. Seaguar Smackdown braid will be available in Flash Green and Stealth Gray in both 150 and 300-yard spools in 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, 50, and 65 lb. test ratings. Smackdown in 300-yard spools will be available in February, 2023. $54.99. seaguar.com
Seaguar Gold Label 50-yard spools
Introduced in 2020, Seaguar introduced Gold Label in freshwater-specific sizes on 25-yard spools. Now, the leader material is available in 50-yard spools. Gold Label is 18% thinner than any other 100% fluorocarbon leader made by Seaguar while also 17% stronger. Seaguar Gold Label is available on 25- and 50-yard spools in sizes from 2-80-pound. test.  Gold Label 50-yard spools s will be available in January, 2023.  $32.99-$107.99.
Sunline America Tornado V Hard FC Leader
Sunline America’s V Hard leader has been taken to another level with Sunlines exclusive Plasma Rise technology. In this case Plasma Rise is used to create a hard glass-like polymer layer on the surface of the line. This treatment creates the ultimate abrasion resistance surface to repel any damage. In the water V Hard shows outstanding strength against wood and rocks. 4–16-pound tests sizes; 45-yard spools. $23-$25. 
Yo-Zuri SuperBraid White
Yo-Zuri SuperBraid is now available in 150- and 300-yard White spools. Made in Japan under strict quality controls, lines feature Yo-Zuri's heat integration process that bonds individual strands, making it smoother and more abrasion resistant. Available in sizes from 10- to 80-pound tests. Starting at $13.99. yozuri.com
All Terrain Tackle Smasher Head
Designed specifically for medium-sized swimbaits, the Smasher features a medium gauge hook and available in 1/4-, 3/8- and 1/2-ounce sizes. $4.99 for a pack of two. $4.99. www.allterraintackle.com
Freedom Tackle Magnum Shakey Head
An extra durable, uniquely shaped powder-coated head shape makes the bait stand upright off a mix of bottom cover, while coming snag-free through rock and wood. Features a Black Nickel Hook with a 45-degree rotated flat-eye designed to be aligned with a premium center screw lock. $5.99. americanbaitworks.com
Gamakatsu G-Finesse Feathered Treble MH
G-Finesse feathered trebles feature Tournament-Grade Wire construction, which is thinner, stronger and sharper than the standard wire. These new trebles come two to a pack, adorned with either white or chartreuse premium feathers and complementary tinsel to tempt even the most finicky fish. Available in sizes 6, 4, 2, 1, 1/0 and white/tinsel and chartreuse tinsel. Gamakatsu.com
Gamakatsu Power Drop w/Superline EWG
The Power Drop series is uniquely built around a solid ring that connects the premium hook, swivel and a 3.5-inch dropper wire. Just add the desired weight to the dropper wire, and bend end of wire to secure weight in place. Available in sizes 2/0, The Power Drop series is uniquely built around a solid ring that connects the premium hook, swivel and a 3.5-inch dropper wire.3/0, 4/0, 5/0, 6/0. Gamakatsu.com
Gamakatsu Tungsten Hybrid Swing Head
With a head design that unites the benefits of both a cobra head, for passing through grass, and a football head, for snag resistance on a hard bottom, the Tungsten Hybrid Swing Head creates a natural-looking, slithering action that draws major attention from nearby bass. Ideal for slow swimming retrieves, the head increases the action of any plastic bait along the bottom. The precision wire harness is tuned to exacting tolerances and a recessed line tie helps it stay weedless. For easy identification, the weight size is stamped on the side of each weight. Gamakatsu.com
Gamakatsu G-Shield Tungsten Flipping Weight
The G-Shield Tungsten Flipping Weight features a specially designed composite insert that not only protects an angler’s line but also provides 360-degree protection for the knot. The insert is wider at the base than at the insertion hole so the hook can recess itself into the weight, creating a more compact, lifelike and snag-resistant offering. The flipping weight is slightly wider and excels when flipped or pitched into heavy cover and features a stealthy smoke-colored finish. For easy identification, the weight size is stamped on the side of each weight. Gamakatsu.com
Gamakatsu Double Down Spring Lock
The Double Down Spring Lock features not one but two retaining wires wound in parallel, so soft plastics stay rigged as intended. Add the simple-to-rig double wire rig to a favorite Gamakatsu hook and holding power is maximized. Simply twist on your favorite soft plastic bait and know that it will stay locked on allowing it to run straight and true cast after cast. Gamakatsu.com
Mustad Jaw Lok 
The Jaw Lok will be the first and only treble hook manufactured by a completely automated process, eliminating the hook-to-hook variability associated with individual trebles. Every quantifiable aspect of treble hook design and composition – from weights and gaps to the alignment of the tines and more – is identical from one JAW LOK to another. When rigged on lures, JAW LOK belly hooks tuck against the lure’s body with one tine pointed straight down, while tail hooks trail the lure precisely with one tine pointed straight up. The lightest trebles in their class, JAW LOK hooks allow baits to track truer and deliver improved hook-up ratios. JAW LOK trebles feature a Titan Steel coating with a sleek gunmetal finish, providing each with over 750 hours of saltwater corrosion resistance – more than 20 times longer than typical black nickel trebles. Available as 3X, 4X, and 5X strong hooks with sizes ranging from 8 to 5/0. Starting at $8.99. mustadfishing.com
SPRO Tungsten Weights
The Pea Sinker TG, Dropshot Weight TG and Slide Weight TG are the latest additions to the SPRO lineup of weights. Drop shot weights feature a swivel tie and come in two shapes, a squat grenade style for fishing rock or open water, and a longer version for weeds and timber. The Pea Sinker is for the Japanese modified version of the Texas rig, allowing soft plastics to be fished in and around heavy cover, causing the lure to fall more vertically. The Slide is ideal for customizing any hook for a specific scenario. Made of tungsten. Available in sizes from 1/8- 2 ounces. $6.99-$13.99. spro.com
TSSFish Tungsten Putty
TSSFish Tungsten Putty sinks through the water column faster than lead, enabling anglers to use smaller quantities to achieve a desired sink rate for finesse presentations in clear water for pressured fish. The putty, which becomes soft and pliable at body temperature but hardens and stiffens when cooled, can be molded to any size and shape. Use it to provide precise internal weighting inside a swimbait, to dial – and easily adjust – drop shot weights, or even to achieve perfectly suspending jerkbaits by molding small quantities around the lure’s hooks. TSSFish’s Tungsten Putty will even let you change the profile of a suspending lure – pausing in the water with a nose up, tail up, or with a perfectly horizontal appearance – by molding precise amounts of the high-density putty on different trebles. Available in 1-ounce quantities in grey, black, green, brown and red. $11.99. 
Lure Lock LL2 LED Box
Lure Lock placed a new LED light system in its medium-sized LL2 box, not only casting light inside the box and contents, but charging the paint of glow-in-the-dark baits. A three-way switch on the box provides on, off and auto, allowing it to turn off automatically when the lid is closed. $37.00. lurelock.com
Plano EDGE Frog Box
The new Plano EDGE Frog Box further expands the EDGE offering this year with an innovative design that allows for storage of up to 50 frog baits securely by the line tie for perfect protection and organization. With additional features such as a WaterWick divider with a reusable moisture-wicking packet, a Dri-Loc O-ring seal and Rustrictor technology–the new Plano EDGE Frog Box protects frog baits from rust and moisture-related damage. The EZ Label system allows for quick identification of contents and a DuraView crystal-clear polycarbonate lid allows anglers to see what baits are in the box without needing to open the lid. The EDGE Frog box stores a variety of topwater frogs by utilizing the line tie to vertically hang the baits. This allows the legs of each bait to quickly dry off and maintain their shape for long-term usage. Gone are the days of jumbled up, dry-rotted rubber resulting in unusable baits. $54.99. planomolding.com
Simms Dry Creek Boat Bag
The 20L Dry Creek Boat Bag offers easy access to essential fishing gear. Constructed from abrasion resistant 420D double ripstop nylon, a magnetized catch-and-release buckle keeps the lid securely closed. An overhanging compression molded lid with a mesh pocket on the underside keeps rain and spray out while customizable internal dividers optimize organization. Feet on the bottom elevate the bag from standing water. $299.95.simmsfishing.com
BUBBA Freshwater Multi-Flex Interchangeable Set
What sets this knife apart is the squeeze-and-slide mechanism for changing blades quickly and seamlessly, and BUBBA’s non-slip grip handle for slicing out perfect fillets. Features 7" Tapered Flex and 8" Ultra Flex blades. The set comes in a hard-sided carry case with watertight seal, quick access handle and blade storage, and a flexible organizer for added storage. $124.99. bubba.com
BaitFuel Fish Attractant Gel
Natural compounds found in prey combine to stimulate the predator instinct in a bass to add strike appeal to soft plastic baits form the basis for BaitFuel. Fisheries research scientists developed F.A.S.T. (Fish Active Scent Technology), the scientific ingredients in BaitFuel. Beyond the science, BaitFuel is a scentless gel that is residue free, meaning it won’t leave hands, boat or tackle bag greasy or smelly. The benefit of the gel is you can apply it to a single bait or add it to a bag of soft plastic baits. There is no waste, no overspray or odor. $9.99. americanbaitworks.com
Don’t Die Stackable Lithium Trolling Motor Battery
Introducing the Don’t Die Stackable Lithium Trolling Motor Battery, the most compatible battery with the Power-Pole CHARGE. With an easy-to-use interlocking system, simply add more power by stacking additional battery modules on top of one another. The first of its kind, this battery can also be mounted vertically in boat compartments you never imagined a battery could go with our lockable battery tray. Its modular design can be easily detached from your boat and used as a power source for tailgating, camping, or backup power with add-on accessories. The Don’t DieStackable Trolling Motor Battery has a rugged military-grade waterproof case that will keep you powered no matter what Mother Nature throws at it. Take complete control of your battery system with the Don’t Die APP, which allows you to monitor energy in real-time to make changes on the fly to conserve energy and improve performance. Get instant battery status notifications and review prior power usage trends. Lithiumbatterycompany.com
Millennium Marine Double Monitor Mount
The double-mount base rotates 180 degrees, and a riser also tilts 180 degrees, with a telescopic rise adjusting from 18 t0 24 inches. Made of anodized aluminum with a 1-year warranty. Milleniummarine.com
Frabill WITNESS Weigh Net
Meet the first all-in-one fish net, scale and ruler. With a built-in 30-pound scale, anglers can now quickly get the weight of a fish and release it without having to hang the fish on a handheld scale. Designed to make a day on the lake hassle-free, the WITNESS Weigh Net is the innovative way to capture a fish's weight, length and snap a quick photo before returning the fish safely back into the water. Simply scoop up any fish up to 30 pounds and remove the hook. Turn on the scale and hold the net in a vertical position with the net portion down to record the quick weight of any catch. The net features tangle-free Micro-Mesh netting and a flat bottom net making it safe for fish handling. The molded rubber grip with 48-inch handle is easy for anyone to use and features an integrated 30-inch ruler to measure your catch. $149.99. frabill.com
Garmin LiveScope XR System
With an optimized design for deeper water, the LiveScope XR features Reverse Range so the user can utilize more of the screen to display fish and structure. To see detail closer to the boat, the Compress Range feature displays a live look in sharp detail up close, while still allowing the angler to keep an eye on targets further away at the same time. The LiveScope XR System delivers three unique vantage points with one mount that can be easily adjusted to fit an angler’s fishing techniques and preferences, no tools required. Simply turn the transducer forward for a live look at what’s out in front of the boat; point it down to see directly beneath the boat; or turn it sideways with the included Perspective Mode Mount to enable the ‘top down’ perspective mode that’s perfect for scouting open water or shorelines. Select the LiveScope mode that best fits that fishing spot, and the view will automatically change on a compatible Garmin chartplotter2 screen. LiveScope XR: $2,999.99. LiveScope LVS62: $2,499.99. Garmin.com
Simms Guide Pliers
Made in Bozeman, Montana with arms built from T6 Type II anodized aluminum and corrosion-resistant machined stainless steel jaws and cutters, the all-new guide plier is a necessity for hardworking guides and anglers. Featuring an integrated knot tightener, the plier comes with a utility leash and a uniquely designed holster that allows for quick access and various mounting styles. $200. Simmsfishing.com
Smith’s Insulated 36-inch Bait and Fish Bag
Constructed from heavy-duty, washable, marine-grade tarpaulin both inside and out, Smiths Insulated Fish Bag has a capacity of approximately 50 quarts. A half-inch of dense, closed-cell insulation throughout keeps the cold in – and the heat out. A universal aerator mounting loop and a leak-resistant hose port ensure that live bait remains cool and well-oxygenated. A non-corrosive zipper promotes durability and long life, and an integrated drain port keeps your catch fresh and ready to clean. An adjustable, padded shoulder strap makes loading and carrying your catch or bait a breeze. This insulated bag measures 36-inches by 18-inches with a 10-inch, gusseted, sit-flat bottom to keep it upright in the boat or the truck. $199.99. smithsproducts.com
T-H Marine G Force Reel Oil
With a special design that coats surfaces lightly and effectively, G-Force Reel Oil won’t leave a greasy glaze, but it will easily lubricate and prevent rust with just one step. It’s ideal for reels, and perfect to protect tools, locks, latches, hinges, winches, and other equipment, too. It even maintains and safeguards wood accent surfaces without harming foam, cork, synthetics, or other common rod and reel materials. Available in 1-ounce needle oiler ($5.99); 2-ounce pump sprayer ($7.99); Reel Care Kt ($24.99). thmarinesupplies.com
Star Tron Stabilizer+
The newest addition to the Star Tron line-up, Stabilizer+ combines cutting-edge enzyme technology with corrosion inhibitors to make the best option for storing gasoline—whether in a boat or vehicle. Enzymes stabilize gas to keep it fresh and break down contaminants such as gum, varnish, and moisture, while corrosion inhibitors provide an added layer of protection to metal surfaces, helping to fight against internal rust. Use in boats, PWCs, RVs, motorcycles, lawn equipment, classic cars, and any other tank that needs an added layer of protection. Available in August. $10.99. Starbrite.com
Humminbird MEGA Live TargetLock
The all-new MEGA Live Imaging TargetLock gives anglers the ability to control their Humminbird MEGA Live transducer both independently and simultaneously from their Minn Kota Ultrex trolling motor, locking in on fish-catching structures from any position of the boat. With the push of a button, the TargetLock feature locks the MEGA Live onto structure and keeps it in clear view by automatically adjusting the MEGA Live transducer as the boat moves position and changes direction. Whether the boat is moving, drifting, or Spot-Lock is engaged, TargetLock does all the work to stay focused on structure and fish. Also features MEGA Live Sweep, designed to provide automatic real-time feedback in a 120-degree view in front of the boat regardless of where the trolling motor is pointed. $2,999.99. Also available: MEGA Live TargetLock Adapter Kit. $1,499.99. Humminbird.com
Trophy Graph Systems RMP Dual Graph Mounts
Each sturdy, one-piece mount is machined from 1/4” lightweight aluminum, and high-quality, UV-protective powder coating for long life. An elevated design is ideal for a pair of stacked fish finders, and mounts straddle the trolling motor foot pedal and position the graphs perfectly for anglers to see under all conditions. The elevated platform gives anglers extra space at the bow of the boat, with an offset design that permits unrestricted trolling motor movement into and out of the water. Mounts feature a universal gimbal mounting pattern to accommodate virtually any fish finder, and easily handles graphs with screen sizes up to 12 inches. Available in Low and Tall models. $249.95. rmpstore
Costa Voyager Performance Hoodie
The Voyager Performance Hoodie is UPF50, moisture wicking, lightweight and antimicrobial. The four-way stretch allows for extra mobility, and the vented mesh panels under the arm provide breathability. The three-piece hood offers a secure fit, and the crossover neck and thumbholes offer additional sun protection for long days on the water. In addition, the side zip pocket is perfect for essentials like Costa sunglasses. $60. Costadelmar.com
Costa Tides Boardshort
Made from 88% recycled polyester, the Tides Boardshorts are a first for Costa’s apparel collection. The four-way stretch, water-resistant and quick-drying fabric is comfortable for long days on the water. Two front pockets and one back Velcro pocket are ideal for gear storage, and the drawstring front closure is extra secure with Velcro tabs. The comfortable and breathable shorts are built to perform on the water. $60. Costadelmar.com
AFTCO Barricade Rain Suit
Barricade in new Green Acid Camo is built with high-end features at a competitive price, offering a durable 3-layer construction, 20K waterproofing, 15K breathability, SpeedVent hood and more! Double Dry adjustable cuffs prevent water from seeping up the arms. A plier pocket on the bibs with 500D nylon keeps tools at the ready. Signature AFTCO jacquard elastic adjustable shoulder straps along with a waist side adjustment system will make this suit fit comfortably for any angler. Aftco.com
AFTCO Waterline Kayak Short
Inspired and designed by kayak anglers, Waterline was purpose built to service a serious breed of anglers. Waterline is anchored by AFTCO’s Air-O Mesh fabric that breathes well and dries rapidly while offering UPF 40 sun protection. A unique zoned elastic waistband provides forgiving comfort when a large percentage of your day on the water is spent in a chair. Strategic pocket placement ensures easy access and features zipper closure to keep items on your person intact. Aftco.com
AFTCO Women’s Softshell Reaper 
The women’s Reaper softshell is constructed from a durable stretch ripstop softshell fabric that has a DWR finish and keeps the windchill out. It has a built-in face mask that is lined with our ultra-warm Hexatron fleece material. Laser-cut ventilation in the underarm area and an easy-access side zipper complete the features. For the angler in search of a comfortable super warm softshell that provides wind protection, the AFTCO Reaper Softshell is the versatile piece that checks all the boxes. Aftco.com
AFTCO Cocoboardies
Recycled plant-based fishing shorts? You got that right. As the name implies, Cocoboardies feature COCOTEX infused polyester with charcoal-activated properties that deliver a lifestyle driven by the water. Cocoboardies provide UPF 40 sun protection, quick-dry properties, and 4-way stretch. On top of all-out comfort, AFTCO's Block Tapey utility pocket keep the Cocoboardies on the water ready if you need a pair of pliers, pocketknife, pack of jigheads or hooks at the ready. Aftco.com
Blackfish StormSkin Gale Pullover
Featuring StormSkin technology, this hoodie features an ultra-soft inner fleece lining for warmth and comfort, and 10K waterproof and 5k breathability ratings. Available in sizes Small-#XL. Six colors. $159.99. www.blackfishgear.com
Bajio Roca
Ideal for eyesight laser focus for sight fishing, the Roco is made with tough, bio-based nylon in a modern, oversized frame that protects eyes with complete coverage and vented side shields, reducing glare off the water and overall light intrusion without fogging up. For enhanced clarity and acuity, the color-enhancing polarized lenses feature Bajio’s blue light-blocking LAPIS technology that minimizes eye fatigue and strain for longer, more productive days on the water. Pictured is the Shoal Tortoise Matte frame with Rose Mirror Glass lenses. Glass lenses $249. Plastic lenses $199. Bajiosunglasses.com
Buff Coolnet UV
This lightweight, multifunctional neckwear is made from recycled plastic bottles, delivering UPF 50 sun protection and evaporative cooling properties. $24. Buffusa.com
Buff Summit Cap
This classic baseball cap silhouette is made with a technical, performance fabric. Laser-cut ventilation holes, and a moisture wicking sweatband are designed for comfort. $30. Buffusa.com
Costa brings next-level performance to its best-selling Jose frame in 2022. Named in honor of the legendary waterman and larger than life personality, Jose Wejebe, this frame builds off the original with SIX PROformance innovations to help anglers manage sweat, reduce fogging and keep their frames locked in place, even when the water gets rough. The Jose PRO celebrates the legacy of the man who broke barriers in the angling community and lived for the thrill of the bite. Costadelmar.com
Buff Adventure Bucket Cap
This classic bucket hat silhouette is made with a technical, performance fabric. The hat offers protection against the sun and light rain, while providing comfort and breathabililty. Includes a convenient self-storage pocket for packing when not in use. $35. Buffusa.com
Hobie Eyewear Monarch Float 
Like the name implies, these sunglasses feature Hobie’s signature ultra-light floating frame material to ensure the glasses will never be lost should they go overboard. Removeable Side Shields provide extra coverage from light, wind and debris, allowing the wearer to easily remove for a more classic, lifestyle appearance. A fully adjustable, integrated and detachable retainer system keeps frames in place at all times. Made with neoprene material for flexibility and water resilience. Lightweight and thinner than glass lenses, polycarbonate is more comfortable to wear for long periods of time. Highly resistant to impact and are 10 times stronger than glass or standard plastic, making them ideal for physical activity. Available in four colors. $89.99-$99.99. hobieeyewear.com
Huk A1A Pro Guide Pant
The A1A Pro lineup was developed with guide-focused features and day-after-day durability by those who make their living on the water. Pants feature abrasion resistant fabric side hits to cut wear and tear. They offer 50+ UPF, 8 pocket design, 2 secure side cargo pockets with grommets, 2 zippered back pockets, stretch, an adjustable waistband and hem, and a crotch gusset.  The fabric is finished with a Durable Water Repellent which repels water. Hukgear.com
Huk A1A Pro Short
The A1A Pro lineup was developed with guide-focused features and day-after-day durability by those who make their living on the water. Shorts feature 50+ UPF sun protection, a 5-pocket design, zippered back pockets, 2-way stretch, a plier pocket, adjustable comfort waistband, a scout button, plastic utility D ring, and a perforated gusset and back yoke for durability.  The fabric is finished with a Durable Water Repellent which repels water. Hukgear.com
Huk Waypoint Insulated Jacket
Huk’s Waypoint Eco-Smart collection is made from recycled bottles for comfort, and to help keep plastic waste out of oceans and waterways.  This collection is now available in an insulated jacket, which packs into its own pocket, has 2 zippered hand pockets and a hidden zippered chest pocket, stretch fabric, and binding at cuffs and hem. It features recycled yarns, Primaloft ECO black 80gram insulation, and 60% recycled consumer content. Hukgear.com
Simms Challenger Suit
Built from waterproof, breathable 2-layer Toray fabric, the all-new Challenger Jacket comes equipped with two oversized zippered chest pockets one of which includes a built-in sunglass chamois. Two zippered handwarmer pockets, a stashable storm hood, and adjustable cuffs come standard. $460. Simmsfishing.com
Simms Guide Insulated Suit
Built with breathable, durable, waterproof GORE-TEX fabric and powered by PrimaLoft insulation, the Guide Insulated Suit keeps anglers in the moment regardless of the conditions. Featuring an adjustable storm hood, submersible chest pockets, and adjustable cuffs, the jacket pairs perfectly with the bib. Constructed from the same GORE-TEX fabric and PrimaLoft insulation, the Guide Insulated Bib comes equipped with a vast array of pocketing to keep essentials close to hand. $1,200. Simmsfishing.com
Simms Challenger Mid-Deck Shoe
Built with a durable, highly abrasion-resistant textile with TPU overlays and a waterproof membrane, this game changing piece of footwear comes equipped with a dual density midsole, a Right Angle Footbed with a molded arch support and heel cup for all day comfort and support. A non-marking EVA outsole with siped rubber pods provides maximum slip-resistance on both wet and dry surfaces. $139.95. Simmsfishing.com
Striker Adrenaline Jacket
Seam-sealed waterproof construction, neoprene cuffs and YKK zippers work overtime to keep out the elements. A rugged 2.5-layer shell keeps water and wind from getting in, while simultaneously working to push unwanted sweat and moisture out. A 3-point adjustable hood, oversized fleece-lined collar and adjustable cuff closures add functionality and value. Available in Black and Veil Stryk. Sizes S-4XL. From $299. Strikerbrands.com
Striker Adrenaline Bib
The highly breathable 2.5L shell keeps prevents over-heating on the inside, and 100% seam-sealed waterproof construction keeps rain on the outside. Waist-high zippers, oversized cargo pockets, and adjustable leg cuff closures add functionality and value. The adjustable waist and 2" wide suspenders help prevent shoulder fatigue during all-day tournaments where focus is key. Available in Black and Veil Stryk. Sizes S-4XL. From $299. Strikerbrands.com
Striker Tournament Short
Rugged, comfortable, and built for everyday wear, the Tournament Short has 6 total storage pockets to keep smaller items secure and easily accessible. Strategically placed vented seams allow for more airflow whether fishing out of a boat or kayak. The full-length elastic waistband forms to the waist and stretches for range of motion. Available in Black, Ghost Gray, and Sand. Sizes 30-44. $69.99. strikerbrands.com
Striker Guardian Hoodie
Performance features like UPF 50+ sun protection, odor resistance, and moisture management qualities packed into this lightweight fishing shirt provide a soft and comfortable next-to-skin piece for all day wear and comfort. The 3-panel hood, removable neck gaiter, and integrated thumb loops provide full coverage protection around the head, face, and hands. Available in Veil Stryk, Oceanview Heather, and Alloy Heather. Sizes S-4XL. $89.99. strikerbrands.com
Striker Wavebreak Shirt 
Color options like Whitewash and Carolina work wonders underneath the hot summer sun, while Midnight and Riverbed options provide protection during early mornings or evenings on the water. Key features like UPF 50+ sun protection, odor resistance, and moisture-wicking capabilities are the backbone of any Striker CoolWave shirt. The relaxed fit and 4-way stretch materials will be sure to make this UPF fishing shirt functional. Also available in Whitewash, Carolina, and Riverbed. Sizes S-4XL. $59.99. strikerbrands.com
The new Wharf Rat hooded sweatshirt has purposely shortened sleeves to keep arms clear for working in water and other wetness inevitable in a boat. The garment is constructed of premium polyester with durable stitching and features sleeves that drop only 3-inches below the elbow. A full hood is supplemented with draws to snug when the wind howls. You can also warm those chilled fingers in the front pouch. Daiwa’s signature D-VEC mark appears on the chest, back, and left sleeve. Available in Black and Grey and sizes S through XXL. $59.99. Daiwa.us