Redneck Remedy signs Bassmaster Elite Series pros McCaghren, Short

Redneck Remedy announced today that two Elite Series anglers, Kevin Short and Billy McCaghren Jr., will be helping in the effort to increase brand awareness for the company.

Two-time Elite Series champion Short will showcase the Redneck Remedy brand on his truck wrap, as well as a part of the wrap on his BassCat boat. McCaghren, the 2009 Bassmaster Elite Series Rookie of the Year, will sport a flashy purple and bright blue Redneck Remedy wrap on his BassCat for 2011, as well as brand placement on his truck.

Both anglers have worked with the company in smaller roles of sponsorship for the past few Elite Series seasons. "Redneck Remedy products are something that everyone who spends any time in the out of doors will need at some point," said Short. "From the Fast Sunburn Relief of the Redneck Remedy Sunburn Lotion to the Itch Relief of the Anti-Itch Cream, Redneck Remedy has products that are truly Skin Care for the Serious Outdoorsman.

One try is all it takes to become a believer in the soothing power of Redneck Remedy." "I'm proud to be a part of a small company that is really growing fast," McCaghren added. "I've known about Redneck Remedy products since they were first made. I've used them, my family and friends have used them, and now we have the opportunity to help put the word out to the rest of the world about how great these skin care products really are."

"We at Redneck Remedy couldn't be more proud of both Kevin and Billy in terms of what they've accomplished in the fishing world as well as how they have helped us to grow this company from the ground up," stated Glenn Wood, President of Redneck Remedy. "We're excited about the exposure and brand awareness they will bring us this Elite Series season and beyond." Wood continued,

"Developed by a pharmacist, Redneck Remedy Burn Lotion and Redneck Remedy Anti-Itch Cream are unique products specially formulated to treat those really tough skin conditions brought on by the outdoors. We know what's available over-the-counter and are dedicated to always providing skin care products that are 'a cut above' the rest when it comes to skin care." For more information on Redneck Remedy or to purchase Redneck Remedy products, visit its website at