Meet the Opens Elite Qualifiers anglers

The St. Croix Bassmaster Opens enters the 2023 season with new qualification criterion towards qualifying for the 2024 Bassmaster Elite Series. Anglers competing in all nine tournaments across the three divisions will form the Bassmaster Opens EQ (Elite Qualifiers). The Top 9 anglers in the Opens EQ standings will receive invitations to the 2024 Elite Series. Here is the lineup of anglers registered for Opens EQ. 
Jason Abram, Piney Flats, Tenn. 
Abram has more than a decade of pro experience and success at the tour level, and will launch his Opens EQ career in 2023. 
Kyle Austin, Ridgeville, S.C.
Austin fished the full Opens seasons in 2021 and 2022, with a total of 22 events fished. 
Clayton Barnes
Barnes is a regional tournament angler from Alabama who will compete in the Opens EQ in 2023.
Chris Beaudrie, Princeton, Ky.
Beaudrie fished the full Opens seasons in 2021 and 2022, with a total of 18 events fished over the years. 
Brock Belik, Orchard, Nebraska
Belik has one Top 30 finish in five Opens fished since 2020, having finished one time in the money. 
Jacob Bigelow, Cecil, Wis.
Bigelow was named to the Bassmaster All-American High School Fishing Team as an honorable mention, and will compete in the 2023 Opens EQ.
Chris Blanchette, Charleston, S.C.
Blanchette is a touring pro with nine Opens fished since 2017. He will fish the full Opens EQ schedule in 2023. 
Greg Bohannan, Bentonville, Ark. 
Bohannan joined the pro ranks in 2006, earning over $971,000 in earnings that include three career wins. 
Bailey Boutries, Springfield, Mo. 
Boutries has a 2nd-place finish in 2015 at Lake Seminole, also having fished in 19 Opens since that year. 
Josh Bragg, Jacksonville, Ala. 
Bragg’s more than a decade’s worth of competing at the regional and pro levels includes 12 Opens fished with six times in the money. He’s got six Top 30s and a Top 10 finish. 
Jaime Bruce, Kenora, Ontario
Bruce is an accomplished Canadian tournament angler, having fished two Opens and finishing both times in the money. He finished 3rd at the 2022 Open at Cherokee Lake. 
Keith Brumfield, Vicksburg, Miss.
Brumfield is a seasoned tournament angler with two Opens fished in 2021. He will compete in the full 2023 Opens season.
Allen Brooks, Canton, Ga.
Brooks has fished the Opens Series since 2014, cashing checks in five of 31 events fished, including two Top 10s and five Top 30s overall.
Paul Browning, Morrilton, Ark. 
Browning began tournament angling in 2006, competing since then at the local, regional and national levels. In eight Opens, Browning has three Top 30s and two Top 20s. 
Miles Burghoff, Dayton, Tenn. 
Burghoff has competed across all touring leagues of the sport. As an accomplished tournament angler at those levels, Burghoff is focusing on the Opens EQ Series in 2023. He’s fished 23 Opens since 2004, dating back to Western division events in his home state of California. 
Jon Canada, Helena, Ala.
Canada has cashed checks in four of 24 Opens fished, including three Top 10 finishes in 2018 and 2022. 
Shaine Campbell, Brookeland, Texas
Campbell is a successful regional tournament angler, having fished three Opens that include a Championship Saturday appearance. 
Brett Cannon, Willis, Texas
Cannon launched his Opens career by fishing the 2022 Central Opens division. He will compete in the full 2023 Opens EQ season.
Jason Carpenter, Castle Pines, CO.
Carpenter launches his Bassmaster career fishing the 2023 Opens EQ series. 
Craig Chambers, Charlotte, N.C.
Chambers finished six times in the money in 28 Opens fished since 2011, including four Top 30s, two Top 20s, and a Top 10 in 2019 at the James River. 
Chase Clark, Georgetown, Ky. 
Clark has fished three Opens since 2021, cashing a check in one of those with a Top 30 finish.
Hugh Cosculluela, Spring, Texas
Cosculluela has fished 13 Opens and also fished the full 2022 season. In 30 events fished, his best finish was a Top 10 at the James River. 
Austin Cranford, Moore, Okla.
Since 2020, Cranford has fished in 20 Opens, finishing seven times in the money, and with three Top 20 finishes. 
Darrell Davis, Dover, Fla.
Davis got his start fishing FLW BFL events in 2006, and then worked his way up to its highest level in 2013. Davis has fished 26 Opens since 2008, finishing seven times in the money, including three Top 30s. 
Destin DeMarion, Harborcreek, Penn. 
DeMarion competed in 2020 and 2021 on the Elite Series and prior to that, began fishing the Opens in 2011. In 71 B.A.S.S. events, DeMarion finished 35 times in the money, with 21 Top 30s, 12 Top 20s and six Top 10 finishes, with two of those at the Elite Series level. His B.A.S.S career earnings are $141,161.  
Andrew Harp, Linden, Texas
Harp is a regional touring angler who will compete at the Opens EQ level in 2023. 
Cody Detweiler, Guntersville, Ala.
Detweiler has 34 Opens fished since 2013, with three Top 30s, two Top 20s, and two Top 10s that include a 2nd place finish in 2016 at Lake Kissimmee. 
Jack Dice, Lynchburg, Va.
Dice has fished five Opens, finishing 8th at the 2016 Open at Lake Champlain. 
Jim Dillard, West Monroe, La.
A nine-year touring pro, Dillard has seven Top 10s in his league with two championship qualifications. Dillard is also a veteran of the Opens, having fished 66 events since 2003, finishing in the money 18 times, including 10 Top 30s, eight Top 20s and two Top 20s. 
Cole Drummond, Effingham, S.C.
Drummond has cashed checks in six of 19 Opens fished since 2020. 
Tony Dumitras, Winston, Ga. 
Dumitras has 30 Opens fished since 2006, and he fished the full schedule in 2022. 
Scout Echols, Monticello, Ark. 
Echols competes in regional and national events, having fished two Opens in 2022. 
Denny Fiedler, Wabasha, Minn.
In 44 Opens fished since 2018, Fiedler finished four times in the money, including 9th-place finishes at Pickwick Lake (2021) and Cherokee Lake (2020). 
Tom Frink, Southside, Ala.
Since 2000, the former Elite Series co-angler has competed in 38 Bassmaster events with $174,425 in earnings, including two Elite Series co-angler wins in 2006. 
Tim Frederick, Leesburg, Fla.
Frederick is a veteran touring pro, also having fished 33 Opens since 2012. Those included full seasons in the Southern, Central and Northern divisions during those years.  
John Garrett, Union City, Tenn. 
Garrett is the 2016 Bassmaster College Series Bracket Champion from Bethel University. Garrett competed in the 2017 Classic and is a perennial contender in the Opens Series, having competed in 33 events since 2017. In those, Garrett finished 16 times in the money, including a 2nd, 3rd and a total of 14 Top 30s. 
Robert Gee, Knoxville, Tenn. (at right)
Gee is a regional tournament angler, and former member of the University of Tennessee bass fishing team. 
Kyle Gelles, Pingree, Idaho
Gelles has two wins and 13 Top 10s in regional and national tours, with earnings to date of $179,328. 
Sam George, Athens, Ala.
George of has earned checks in 21 of 64 Bassmaster events fished. He has seven Top 10 finishes with $116,457 in earnings. 
Kyle Goltz, Cornell, Wis.
Goltz is a B.A.S.S. Nation tournament angler who also fishes regional tours. 
Daniel Valois Gomez, Caracas, Venezuela 
In 12 Opens fished since 2020, Gomez has four Top 30s and finished in the money in as many times. His best finish is 12th at the 2021 Open at Pickwick Lake. 
Wesley Gore, Clanton, Ala.
Since 2020, Gore has fished 12 Opens, finishing six times in the money, including three Top 30s and a Top 20 finish. 
Zeke Gossett, Pell City, Ala. 
A 2015 Bassmaster High School All-American, Gossett fished on the Jacksonville State University bass fishing team. Gossett has made the money in two of seven Opens fished since 2020. 
Chad Grigsby, Maple Grove, Minn. 
Grigsby began his pro career in 2000, fishing all levels of competitive angling. In over 200 events fished, Grigsby has earned over $1 million. He’s competed in 26 B.A.S.S. events, finishing nine times in the money with 6 Top 30s and $68,632 in earnings as of 2022. 
Zach Goutremout, Chaumont, N.Y.
Goutremont is expanding his tournament career and will compete at the Opens EQ level. He’s fished 17 Opens, twice finishing in the money. 
Joey Hanna, Corsicana, Texas
A state and regional tournament angler, Hanna has competed in three Opens. 
Charlie Hartley, Columbus, Ohio
Hartley launched his B.A.S.S. tournament career in 1993, with 270 events fished through 2022. He’s a former Elite Series pro, and has two Classic appearances (2008, 2017), an Opens win in 2016, and finished 78 times in the money with $557,229 in total winnings. 
Nikki Jo Hatten, Clanton, Ala.
Hatten is a regional pro who will compete in the 2023 Opens EQ events. 
Alex Heintz, Denham Springs, La.
Dale Hightower, Mannford, Okla.
Hightower fished the Elite Series in the 2019, 2020 and 2021 seasons. He began fishing the Opens in 2007 and has 66 total Bassmaster events, including a 2011 Classic appearance. He’s finished 38 times in the money. Of his 10 Top 30s, those are broken down into six Top 20s, three Top 10s and one Top 3. 
Harvey Horne, Bella Vista, Ark. 
Horne began his B.A.S.S. career in 2012, fishing the Elite Series from 2019 through 2021. In 59 events, he finished 31 times in the money, including an Opens win in 2018. 
Josh Hubbard, Braidwood, Ill.
Hubbard is a regional and national tournament pro with seven Opens fished since 2020. 
Teb Jones, Yalaha, Fla.
Since 2002, Jones has competed in 117 Bassmaster events, including the 2015 Classic. Jones has finished 28 times in the money, with 13 Top 30s that include a 2nd- and 3rd-place finish. 
Logan Johnson, Jasper, Ala.
Johnson fished all nine Opens in 2022 and will fish the full 2023 season. 
Seiji Kato, Outsu Shiga, Japanm
The legendary lure designer of Jackall Lures fame has fished 51 B.A.S.S. events since 2007, finishing 12 times in the money. Kato won the 2007 Elite Series co-angler division on Lake Amistad, and has 3 other Top 10s, two of those in Elite Series competition. 
Daisuke Kita, Ohtsu Shiga, Japan
In 21 Opens fished since 2018, the Japanese pro finished in the money four times, including one Top 30 finish. 
Chris Keeble, Lenoir City, Tenn. 
Keeble has competed in 12 Opens since 2021, fishing all nine Opens in 2022. 
Kenta Kimura, Hirakata, Osaka, Japan
Kimura enters his third season as a Bassmaster Elite Series pro with a Top 20 ranking in the 2022 Bassmaster Angler of the Year standings. In 11 seasons as a full-time pro, Kimura has cashed a check in 40 of 68 Bassmaster events fished, including a win at the 2022 Open on the James River. 
Justin Kimmel, Athens, Ga.
Kimmel has seven wins and 19 Top 10 finishes, with five Opens fished since 2008. 
Chris Kingree, Inverness, Fla.
Kingree is a tackle store owner and four-year pro on the Opens Series, beginning as a co-angler. Since 2016, Kingree has fished 32 Opens, finishing twice in the money with one Top 30 finish. 
Brad Knight, Lancing, Tenn. 
Knight fished all levels of league competition with $964,000 in winnings. Knight has fished 21 Opens since 2013, with six Top 30s and one Top 10 finish. 
Bobby Lane, Jr., Lakeland, Fla.
Veteran pro tournament angler Bobby Lane’s impressive B.A.S.S. career began in 2005. He joined the Elite Series in 2008 and experienced a successful 10-year run. Lane has an impressive track record of 148 events fished, with 110 times in the money. That includes 12 Classic appearances and two wins (2009 Elite, 2018 Opens). Lane has 86 Top 30s, 40 Top 10s and $1.4 million in B.A.S.S. earnings. 
Bobby Lanham, Cadiz, Ky.
Lanham is a veteran pro fishing the Opens EQ level. 
Derek Lehtonen, Woodruff, S.C.
In 13 events, Lehtonen finished eight times in the money, including four Top 20s and twice competing on Championship Saturday. 
Shane Lineberger, Lincolnton, N.C.
Lineberger launched his impressive B.A.S.S. tournament career in 2011, fishing the Elite Series from 2016-2021. In 90 events, he finished 51 times in the money, with 21 Top 30s and career earnings of $283,326 as of 2022.  
Tyler Lubbat, Wheeling, Ill. 
A two-time Bassmaster High School All-American, Lubbat qualified four times for the high school national championship and as many times for the college championship, fishing for the University of Alabama. 
Brad Luethner, Independence, Minn. 
In 13 Opens fished, Luethner has finished four times in the money, including two Top 10s at the James River (6th) and 1000 Islands (10th). 
Jake Maddux, Birmingham, Ala.
Maddux earned checks in four of nine Opens fished, including a Top 30 finish at the 2022 Open on the Red River. 
Julius Mazy, Phoenix, Ariz.
Mazy, a full-time guide, is a former Bassmaster All-American with 15 Opens fished since 2021. He fished six events in 2020 and all nine Opens in 2022. 
Billy McDonald, Greenwood, Ind.
McDonald is a veteran pro and professional guide with numerous top finishes. He’s competed in nine Opens. 
Danny McGarry, Newcastle, Ontario
McGarry is a Canadian tournament angler who competed in the 2021 Northern Opens, with a 23rd place best finish at Oneida Lake. 
Trey McKinney, Carbondle, Ill.
McKinney is an accomplished regional tournament angler with top finishes in team trails and invitationals. 
Trevor McKinney, Benton, Ill.
A McKendree University bass fishing team angler, McKinney won the 2020 Bassmaster College Bracket, earning a berth in the 2021 Bassmaster Classic. McKinney has cashed checks in seven of 19 Opens fished, including three Top 10s, and a 3rd place finish at the 2022 Open at Ross Barnett Reservoir. 
Brandon McMillan, Clewiston, Fla. 
In eight Opens fished since 2015, McMilllan qualified for the 2016 Bassmaster Classic from the Southern Opens in 2015. McMillan has cashed checks in four of eight events fished. 
Jason Menninger, Yulee, Fla. 
Menninger is an accomplished local, regional and national tournament angler launching his Opens career in 2023. 
A.J. Menssen, Bloomington, Ill. 
In 26 events fished since 1995, Menssen finished three times in the money, with 6 Top 30s. 
Lafe Messer, Warfield, Ky. (at right)
Messer won a 2022 Bassmaster College Series event on the Harris Chain of Lakes, fishing with his brother Matt, with both anglers on the fishing team for Kentucky Christian University. 
Matt Messer, Warfield, Ky. (at left)
Messer and his brother, Laffe, won a 2022 Bassmaster College Series event on the Harris Chain of Lakes, fishing for Kentucky Christian University. 
Jesse Millsaps, Jasper, Ga. 
Millsaps is a regional and national pro with 20 years of tournament experience. 
Kenny Mittelstaedt, Sturgis, S.D.
Mittelstaedt is an accomplished long-time tournament pro, having fished 27 Opens since 2018. He’s got four Top 30s, four Top 20s and a Championship Saturday qualification at the 2018 Eastern Open on Lake Champlain. 
Yusuke Miyazaki, Forney, Texas
The veteran Japanese pro joined the B.A.S.S. ranks in 1997, fishing the Western Invitational tour before joining Bassmaster Tour in 2002, and then the Elite Series in 2006 through 2021. In 196 B.A.S.S. events, Miyazaki finished 76 times in the money, including 25 Top 30s and 8 Top 10s. He has two Classic appearances (2013, 2014). His total earnings are $528,919. 
Louis Monetti, Brielle, N.J.
Monetti is the 2022 Bassmaster College Bracket winner, and will compete in the 2023 Academy Sports + Outdoors Bassmaster Classic in Knoxville, Tenn. 
Ish Monroe, Hughston, Calif.
The B.A.S.S. veteran and Elite Series pro has over $1 million in Bassmaster earnings. In 245 events fished, Monroe has 10 Classic appearances, with 5 wins (4 Elite, 1 Opens), and 82 Top 30s. Monroe has cashed checks in 131 of those 245 events.  
Kyle Monti, Okeechobee, Fla. 
Monti makes his return at the Opens EQ level after fishing the Elite Series from 2018-2021. Since 2015, Monti has competed in 44 Bassmaster events, fishing 29 times in the money. 
Steve Morella, Townshend, Vermont
In 22 Opens fished since 2016, Morella has one Top 30 and finished four times in the money. 
Brian Mullaney, Ijamsville, Md. 
Mullaney is a smallmouth guide and regional tournament angler. In 2022 he competed in the full Northern Opens division, with five events fished since 2020, including a Top 10 finish in 2022 at the Upper Chesapeake Bay. 
Allan Nail, Sand Springs, Okla. 
Nail finished three times in the money in 37 Opens fished since 2015, including two Top 10 finishes in 2017 and 2018. 
Joey Nania, Cropwell, Ala.
Nania started his tournament career at a young age—twice winning the title of Junior Bassmaster World Champion (2005, 2008). He finished 13th at the 2022 Classic, after qualifying by winning the 2021 Open on Pickwick Lake. Nania has finished 23 times in the money in 55 events fished. Nania has 20 top 30s, 14 Top 20s and nine Top 10 finishes. He finished 2nd at the 2021 Open at Lake Norman.
James Niggemeyer, Van, Texas
Niggemeyer’s 20-year pro career spans 173 events back to 1997, when he fished the Opens Western Division that opened the door for his leap into the Elite Series in 2006. He’s finished 90 times in the money, appeared three times in the Classic, and has four wins with $924,245 in earnings. 
Lance Owen, Greer, S.C.
Owens is a regional and national tournament angler, with 26 Opens fished since 2018, including four Top 30 finishes. 
Matt Pangrac, Bixby, Okla.
Pangrac, co-host of the popular Bass Talk Live podcast, is a perennial contender in the Opens Series, having finished seven times in the money after 25 events. Pangrac has five Top 30s and a Championship Saturday appearance. 
Kyle Patrick, Cooperstown, N.Y.
Patrick has fished 17 Opens events and placed in the Top 30 on four separate occasions along with two Top 20's and a Top 10 at the Upper Chesapeake Bay. 
Logan Parks, Auburn, Ala.
 A former collegiate angler, Parks has cashed checks in three of nine events fished, with two Top 20s and three Top 30s overall. 
Garrett Paquette, Clanton, Mich. 
Paquette fished the Elite tour from 2019-2021 with 58 B.A.S.S. events fished for $262,983 in earnings as of 2022. Paquette has 21 Top 30s, 5 Top 10s and a Classic appearance (2019). 
David Perdue, Wurtz, Va.
Perdue began fishing the Opens in 2007, with two Top 30s in 44 events fished. 
Griffin Phillips, Mount Olive, Ala. 
Phillips has fished four Opens since 2017, finishing twice in the money with a Top 10 finish in 2019 at Smith Lake. 
Brian Post, Janesville, Wis. 
Post has fished 22 Opens since 2020, when he competed in the full Central division. The next season, he fished all nine Opens and again in 2022. He’s finished five times in the money, including a Championship Saturday in 2022 at the James River. 
Danny Ramsey, Trindad, Texas
Ramsey has competed in six Opens, also fishing regional circuits in Texas. 
Adam Rasmussen, Sturgeon Bay Wis.
An accomplished professional angler and charter captain, Rasmussen has fished 15 Opens, including the full 2022 season. He’s finished three times in the money, with a Top 30 finish. 
Clark Reehm, Elm Grove, La. 
A veteran pro, Reehm’s B.A.S.S. career began in 2002. He competed in the Elite Series from 2008 through 2013, with 101 events fished and 50 times in the money, for a total of $350,405 in earnings. Reehm has two Classic appearances (2008, 2011) and 26 Top 30s. 
Hunter Sales, Blaine, Tenn. 
Sales, head coach of the Carson-Newman University Bass Fishing Team, also came up through its ranks as a top contender. Sales has finished five times in 17 Opens fished that include 3 Top 30s. 
Casey Scanlon, Eldon, Mo. 
Scanlon’s impressive resume includes five years on the Elite Series, a 2013 Classic appearance and 2012 Opens win. Scanlon has six years on the FLW Tour and was a four-time Forrest Wood Cup qualifier. Scanlon has fished 64 B.A.S.S. events, with 33 times in the money for $310,682 in winnings. He’s got 15 Top 30s, five Top 10s and two 2nd-place finishes. Scanlon has $385,652 in earnings from other tours. 
Marc Schilling, Carrollton, Texas
In 16 Opens, Schilling has finished four times in the money with two Top 30s. 
Steve Sennikoff, Edgewood, Texas
Sennikoff is a successful local, regional and national pro with 94 B.A.S.S. events fished since 1994. The seasoned veteran qualified for the 2004 Classic, finishing 20th. Sennikoff has 15 Top 30s, finishing 29 times in the money, including a Top 10 in 2003. 
Logan Shaddix, Culman, Ala. 
Shaddix, a former University of Alabama bass angler, has competed in three Opens, cashing a check in them all.
Cody Stahl, Barnesville, Ga. 
In 11 Opens fished since 2011, Stahl has five Top 30s, three Top 20s and two Top 10s. He won the 2021 Open at the James River. 
Bart Stanisz, Wichita Falls, Texas
Staniisz has fished 19 Opens since 2020, having competed in the full 2022 season. He’s finished three times in the money with two Top 30s and one Top 20 finish. 
Caiden Sinclair, Wilsonville, Ala.
The University of Alabama bass fishing team member has 11 Opens fished with three times in the money. Sinclair has two Top 30s and a Top 20. 
Blake Smith, Lakeland, Fla.
Smith. has cashed checks in three of eight Opens fished, with three Top 30 finishes, including a Top 10 at the 2021 Open at the Harris Chain of Lakes. 
Jaxon Sullivan
Trey Swindle, Cleveland, Ala.
Swindle has fished the Opens since 2019, cashing checks in four of 20 events with three Top 30 finishes. 
Jimmy Steed, Zapata, Texas
The owner of Lake Falcon Guide Service, Steed has fished six Opens since 1997, and will compete in the Opens EQ in 2023. 
Mike Surman, Boca Raton, Fla.
Since 1996, Surman has competed on the pro and regional tours, with over 250 events fished during that 25-plus-year span. He’s fished eight Opens, earning 3 Top 30 finishes, including two Top 3s. 
Blake Sylvester, Plaquemine, La.
Sylvester qualified for the 2021 Classic after finishing 2nd at the 2020 B.A.S.S. Nation Championship. In 21 events, Sylvester has finished three times in the money with a Top 20 finish. 
Paul Tabisz, Virginia Beach, Va.
Tabisz finished three times in five Opens fished in 2018; he will fish the Opens EQ in 2023. 
Brandon Tallhamer, Parkersburg, WVa. 
Tallhamer has finished four times in the money in 10 Opens fished, including two Top 30 finishes. 
Steve Tennison, Lexington, Okla. 
Tennison won the 2017 Open on his home waters of Grand Lake, and will compete in all nine events in 2023. 
Bo Thomas, Edwards, Mich.
Thomas, president of the Western Michigan University Bass Team, is a high school and collegiate champion. He will join the Opens EQ in 2023, fishing all nine events. 
JT Thompkins
Thompkins fished the full 2022 Opens season, with a total of 19 Opens fished since 2020. 
Timmy Thompkins, Myrtle Beach, S.C.
Since 2020, Thompkins has fished in 10 Opens, finishing five times in the money that include two Top 10 finishes. Those were at the 2021 Open at the 1000 Islands and at Cherokee Lake in 2020. 
Jacob Thompkins, Myrtle Beach, S.C.
Thompkins has cashed checks in five of 17 Opens fished since 2020.
Reece Tremaglio, Dunkirk, Mo.
Keith Tuma, Brainerd, Minn. 
Tuma won the 2021 Open at the Harris Chain, punching his ticket for the 2022 Classic. In seven events fished, he cashed checks three times, and has two Top 30 finishes. 
Andrew Upshaw, Hemphill, Texas
Upshaw began tournament angling in 2003 on the tour level, kickstarting his career in 2009 at the collegiate level, and then winning regional and national events in the following years. Upshaw and his partner won the 2011 B.A.S.S. College National Championship for Stephen F. Austin State University. Upshaw has five tour wins, 22 Top 10s, and $469,981 in winnings. Since 2009, Upshaw has finished 14 times in the money in 44 Opens fished. He finished 31st at the 2021 Classic.
Brady Vernon, Birmingham, Ala. 
In 13 Opens fished since 2015, Vernon has two Top 30s and a Top 10 at the 2018 Open at Logan Martin. 
Jack York, Nacogdoches, Texas
York will be launching his Opens Series career in 2023 by fishing all nine events. 
Chauncy Walters, West Des Moines, Iowa
Walters finished five times in the money in 23 Opens fished since 2019. He fished the full 2022 Opens season and will continue in 2023 with the Opens EQ. 
Chad Warren, Sands Springs, Okla.
Warren is a six-year touring pro with three Top 10 finishes. 
Jimmy Washam, Stantonville, Tenn. 
Washam finished strong in the 2022 Opens season. He racked up 2 Top 10 finishes in three events fished.
Taylor Watkins, Clinton, Tenn. 
Watkins is national touring pro champion who will join the Opens Series in 2023.  
Tommy Williams, Shepherdsville, Ky. 
Williams competed in the 2020 Eastern and Central Opens, winning in 2020 at Lake Lewisville, Texas, which qualified him for the 2021 Classic. 
Tyler Williams, Belgrade, Maine
Williams fished all nine Opens in 2022 with 12 total tournaments fished, finishing four times in the money. He’s got two Top 30s and one Top 20 finish. 
Jonathan Dietz, Corry, Pa.
Dietz finished third at the 2022 B.A.S.S. Nation Championship, will compete in the 2023 Academy Sports + Outdoors Bassmaster Classic, and the 2023 Opens EQ. Deitz has fished seven Eastern Opens since 2019, finishing twice in the money, including one Top 20 finish. 
Wil Dieffenbauch, Morgnatown, W.Va.
Dieffenbauch finished second at the 2022 B.A.S.S. Nation Championship, will compete in the 2023 Academy Sports + Outdoors Bassmaster Classic, and the 2023 Opens EQ.
Trip Noojin, Chattanooga, Tenn.
Noojin is a regional touring pro and finished 5th as a co-angler in the 2019 Bassmaster Open on Lake Chickamauga. He will be joining the 2023 Opens EQ.
Also registered as Opens Elite Qualifiers are these anglers. 
David Wootton
Jeremy Bogard  
Tyrel Faber
Phil Killian
Willy Dennison
Andrew Hargrove
Danger Kelly 
Buck Mallory 
Alex Murray
Kenji Yamada
Mike Mayo
Ryan Clark
Jason Lieblong
Scott Isaacs
Terry Luedtke
Bronk Mcdaniel
Matt Mollohan
Sterling Bougher
Jason Lambert
Paul Bouvier
Jack Tindel
Jerry Riddle Jr
Logan Anderson
B.J. Usie
Jason Tibbetts
Brayden Rakes
Christian Shoda
Ben Milliken
Scott Kerslake
Ricardo Mitchell
Andrew Harp
Joe Labarbera
Paul Tabisz
James Meers
Richard Cathey
J T Russell
Evan Kung
Takayuki Koike
Evan Barnes
Kurt Mitchell
Matt Henry
Jacob Pyles