Kimura takes on Ross Barnett

Bassmaster Elite Series pro Kenta Kimura began the St. Croix Bassmaster Central Open at Ross Barnett presented by Mossy Oak leading the overall Progressive Angler of the Year race, so we caught up with him to see how his morning would go.
Kimura was fishing a boat basin close to the launch site, but it wasn't a sneaky spot. In fact, there were a number of other competitors, including Bradley Hallman, fishing the same waters.
Seiji Kato moves from one stretch of bank to another within the boat basin.
Kimura, along with many of the anglers in the area, focused on riprap and seawalls early, apparently hoping to take advantage of any shad spawn that might be happening. He already had a 2-pounder in the boat when we tracked him down.
Did I mention there were other competitors all over the boat basin?
A little breeze kicked up, adding a nice chop to the water. Would it help?
While the rocky banks and sea walls were part of Kimura's morning plan, he also kept his eyes on his forward-facing sonar as he moved from one area to the next.
The forward-facing sonar produced his next bite, but it wasn't a keeper.
Anglers, including Matt Pangrac, cycled through the same sections of water.
Kimura hoped a hard jerkbait would produce big for him.
Docks also were an option, as former Bassmaster Elite Series pro Shane Lineberger proved.
Kimura would fish a section of the basin thoroughly before moving.
This move proved successful, producing another bite.
Unfortunately for Kimura, it was another throwback.
Kimura's body language showed he was really working to figure out how to put keepers in the boat.
He quickly hooked up with another bass while working his jerkbait around a stretch of docks.