Cannon, Bohannan and Monroe take on Eufaula

Take a tour on the water at Day 1 of the 2023 St. Croix Bassmaster Open on Lake Eufaula!
First person that pulled into a nearby creek where we put in was Greg Bohannan and he went to work on them quick.
Keeper #1 is a good one!
Bohannan said he had around 16 or 17 different points he was going run to throughout the day.
Hooked up again!
He threw this one quickly in the livewell and said “He had it chocked, there must be a pile of them down there as good as he ate it.”
In a nearby pocket I found Ish Monroe cruising the shallows while looking for bedding fish.
“I am having a hard time seeing them,” Ish said of the low light conditions.
Ish found a bed on the edge of the grass. “Gosh this is frustrating, I can’t hardly see. Both the female and the male are up there, but the female is freaked out. She must’ve already been caught,” he said.
We caught up with current leader on BassTrakk at the time, Brett Cannon who was having a solid morning.
He hooks into a good one!
This fish went 4 pounds and 2 ounces.
He culled out a 3 pounder and gave him an estimated total of over 20 pounds at the time.
“I am getting out of here and going to look for a bigger bite. Going to save this stuff for tomorrow if we get to go back out”
We slid over to Ben Milliken who was sitting in second at the time.
Another hybrid…