Zona LIVE teams up with Chris Zaldain

When fans turn the dial to Bassmaster.com Tuesday, Oct. 2, 2018 from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. ET they will get a treat. Mark Zona, host of Bassmaster TV and Zona’s Awesome Fishing Show heads to big water in Michigan for a smallmouth beatdown with Bassmaster Elite Series pro Chris Zaldain.

“There is just something about a risky trip where weather is unpredictable and big smallmouth are biting that intrigues me,” Zona said. “Fans may see a trip like last fall with Brent Ehrler or even earlier this year with Davy Hite, but of the brown bass variety.” 

Zona LIVE presented by Trokar will be full of laughs, serious fishing talk and plenty of fan interaction. Fans can stay connected to the action and be entered to win prizes by using the phrases #zonalive and #sweepstakes in their tweets and comments on Bassmaster’s social media platforms as well as Zona’s Awesome Fishing Show page. Fans should look for the designated posts for Zona LIVE coming Monday on Bassmaster and Zona’s Awesome Fishing Show pages.

“I’m expecting big smallmouth, that’s what Northern Michigan is all about,” Zaldain said. “I’m treating this is like a getaway with a true friend of mine. With all of the stress in the fishing industry lately, it’ll be a great week of fishing and focusing on the positives in this sport.”

The weather is always a wildcard up north when the fall cold fronts begin to blow into town. The entire country is seemingly experiencing its first cool and cold temperatures in months and with low’s in the 40’s the fish should be biting. 

“Hopefully it’ll be a reaction bite like no other,” Zaldain said. “I know Zona’s done his homework, which means the cold front could showcase a homerun of unprecedented sorts.” 

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