Winning formulas today for AOY contenders

Amazingly, on the final day of the 2019 Elite Series season, there’s a way that each of the four Toyota Bassmaster AOY contenders can be crowned Angler of the Year at the final weigh-in. The following is the scenario for each of those anglers, based on what has occurred the first two days at Lake St. Clair.

Remember, these daily updates of AOY standings during a tournament are like weather forecasts, they’re predictions. AOY points are earned based only on the final standings of each tournament. There’s a sliding scale of one point for each place in the standings, beginning with 100 points for first place.

AOY points before St. Clair
1. Scott Canterbury761 –––
2. Chris Zaldain 752 – 9
3. Cory Johnston 747 –14
4. Stetson Blaylock 741 –20

SCOTT CANTERBURY – entered this event 1st in AOY points with 761. Canterbury began the day in 16th place.

Best case scenario: If he moves up to 9th today, he’s the champ no matter what anyone else does. (Formula: 761 points, plus 92 points for 9th place = 853.) If 2nd-place Chris Zaldain wins the tournament, worth 100 points, he’d finish with 852.

Worst case scenario: If Canterbury drops to 20th or below, it would open opportunities for the other three contenders to win. (Formula: 761, plus 81 points for 20th place = 842.) For example, if Zaldain finishes 11th, where he started the day, he’d have 842 points. (Formula: 752, plus 90 points for 11th = 852, and Zaldain has the tiebreaker advantage.*)

CHRIS ZALDAIN – started St. Clair 2nd in AOY points with 752 points, 9 points behind Canterbury. Zaldain started the day in 11th place.

Best case scenario: If Canterbury stays in 16th place and finishes with 846 points, Zaldain would need to move up to 7th, force a tie and he’d win the tiebreaker.* (Formula: 752, plus 94 points for 7th place = 846.)

Worst case scenario: The above “best-case scenario” and Cory Johnston wins the tournament. Johnston would have one more point that Zaldain and Canterbury. (Formula: Johnston entered St. Clair with 747 points, plus 100 for the win = 847.)

CORY JOHNSTON – started St. Clair 3rd in AOY points, 14 behind Canterbury and 5 behind Zaldain. Johnston started the day in 10th place.

Best case scenario: Canterbury stays in 16th place, Zaldain finishes 7th or lower and Johnston wins the tournament. For each place Canterbury and Zaldain finish below 16th and 7th, respectively, Johnston could win AOY with a lower finish. For example, if Canterbury drops to 20th (81 points) and finishes with 842 points, and Zaldain stays in 11th (842 AOY total), Johnston would win with a 5th-place finish. (Formula: 747, plus 96 points for 5th place = 843.)

STETSON BLAYLOCK – started St. Clair 4th in AOY points, 20 behind Canterbury, 11 back of Zaldain and 6 behind Johnston.

Best case scenario: With three anglers in front of him, Blaylock’s formula for success is the most complicated. But he can win AOY if he finishes 2nd today, worth 99 points. That would bring his AOY total for the year to 840 points. If Canterbury finishes 23rd or lower (formula: 761 plus 78 points for 23rd place = 839), Zaldain finishes 14th or lower (formula: 752 plus 87 points for 14th place = 839), and Johnston finishes 9th or lower (formula: 747 plus 92 points for 9th place = 839), Blaylock would win AOY by one point.

*Tiebreaker: Total pounds and ounces for the season based on full-field days. So these totals include Days 1 and 2 of all nine regular-season events, plus all three days of the AOY championship. The tiebreaker totals won’t be final until today’s weights for each angler are added in, but here’s where they stand going into today:

Chris Zaldain 336 lbs., 10 oz.
Stetson Blaylock 331 lbs., 12 oz.
Cory Johnston 330 lbs., 9 oz.
Scott Canterbury 318 lbs., 0 oz.

More confused than ever? It all gets sorted out at today’s 3:30 p.m. weigh-in at Metro Park.