Will you #fishforjose?

SUMMERLAND KEY, Fla. — Celebrate the birthday of fishing legend Jose Wejebe and his mission to share the gift of fishing with future generations. In his honor, before or on Jan. 18, use #fishforjose and post your story online. 

“My father loved the outdoors, especially fishing. But what he loved most was sharing his knowledge, skill and passion with others,” says Krissy Wejebe, daughter of Jose.

“Even though it’s been nearly two years since his passing, I get a lot of great stories and pictures from his fans telling me how much they learned from his show, how he inspired them to start their own guide business or how they were inspired to share their passion for fishing with their children as he did with me. My wish is that others can hear these stories too. Thanks to the world of social media, we can make this happen … among the fishing community and beyond.”

“As his birthday nears on Jan. 18, I’m asking friends, family and fans of my father to take a picture of how they’ll celebrate his birthday, post it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, a website … anywhere online, and use the hashtag #fishforjose to share their story with others.”

How can the fishing community join in?

Get out of the office and out on the water.

Introduce a friend, family or a stranger to the sport of fishing.

Learn or teach something new: secret spot, how to tie a fly or tricks of the trade.

When you catch … let go, let ‘em grow.

Then, take a picture, post it with #fishforjose, and challenge others to join in.

To find out more about Wejebe’s ongoing efforts to keep her father’s legacy alive through the Jose Wejebe Spanish Fly Memorial Foundation, visit the foundation's website. The mission of the foundation is to honor Jose's legacy by matching his inspiration, dedication, and passion for our marine environment, and continue his efforts to support those who face life-impacting challenges. Donations will support Make-A-Wish trips granted and other countless charities that were supported by Jose.

Learn more about #fishforjose by clicking here.